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Being High In School (Story thread)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applemask, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I remember coming to school on the bus soon as i got on campus would walk over to my 2 niggas and walk off school grounds into the neighboorhoods across the street roll a blunt then smoke. Then when i came back i would skip my first period and go to gym with the one friend and play ball. Well one day i was so high i think it was sour diesiel and i was sitting in the gym on the bleachers and i got hit in the head by a volleyball, that i was watching fly through the air but i was too stoned to move lol. Shit hits me in the head and someone yelled for me to throw it back and i looked at it for like 2-3 seconds then threw it back shit was to funny.

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    It was like the first time I smoked before schol, and I made two cigarette spliffs. So I walked through this neighborhood behind the school and I smoked the shit, it was purp. So eventually I get to my first hour and im like blazed out of my fucking mind at that point.
    So like my teacher asks for us to turn in this one assignment, and I freak out cause I know I cant find it, and when the teacher comes to collect mine, I tell her I cant find it. I ask her if I can look for it and she says ya.
    Well for the class she desides we gonna play pictonary. We get drawn for what we are gonna draw, and I get a plant. So I freak out and decide to draw a KFC. Like the hole class lwughs for five minutes, and I sit down all proud, but im chosen after a while.
    I was supposed to draw a movie title, but I just write an apology note for why I cant.
    And once class is over, likesome of my friends knew Im a massive pot head, and asked me if I had finally done it, lol.

    And throughout jt all, I searched through my back pack for the assignment cause I kept forgetting I had aleeady looked.
  3. First time I ever ate a cookie was at the start of lunch, was watching a movie with a chill teacher after lunch so I picked up a HUGE poutine (any non-canucks need to try this shit instead of chirping it), a drink and brought my teacher his favorite pop.
    Sat down, as the movie starts get punched in the face by the most intense high of my life. Started shoveling the poutine into my face and made eye contact with my teacher who raised an eyebrow and just started laughing his ass off.
    Good times.
    Back in junior high when we had one class that just wandered from teacher to teacher every day, I had my mom as a teacher first thing every afternoon. I'd go to class high 3 times a week, never got caught once.
  4. I went to school high as often as I could. One time I stumbled into the breakfast line and just kinda blankly stared at the server lady. She shook her head and said "snack line only one time today" (meaning no seconds for snacks at lunch)
  5. started smoking since 13
    in 9th grade brought a blunt to school.
    hotboxed the bathrooms( literally bathrooms because we were running throught every bathroom hitting the same blunt to disperse the smell.) smoked up like 7 other people.
    went to math class reeking. everybody knew.
    teacher said some words but didnt report me because im her top student.
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    So one of my high school friends would always make brownies or cookies or something for 420.  My school would have Community Day (no classes, just community service) right around 420 and usually on it.  Probably intentional, but nobody ever got caught.  Anyway, so me and a couple friends ate a brownie each before school.  We were all assigned to help repaint a fence and some benches.  One of my friends started painting dicks on everything, so we all started painting dicks on everything.  Then I saw our supervisor walking towards us and said something like 'hide the dicks!' and we started painting over all of the dicks.  He probably was suspicious, but we didn't get caught.
    Here's another story from the Community Day the following year:  As usual, me and some friends (different friends from before) ate brownies before school.  We were assigned to clean up the vines from a defunct tennis court.  It turned out that the vines were easier to manage if cut from the top of the fence they were attached to, so we all climbed to the top of the fence except for one of my friends.  She opted to stay on the ground chopping at vines with what I think to this day was a machete.  No idea where it came from, but it looked badass.  So on top of the fence, I thought that I was Mario and that by cutting down the vines I could save the princess.  I kept leaping around the fence making the 'whoop' sounds that Mario makes when he jumps.
  7. Used to go to school baked everyday but I never act up in class. I never attract attention and I always look high(my eyes don't open very wide and I'm Irish not even Asain) so nobody suspects a thing unless my eyes themselves are red, which they usually aren't. So for the most part, going to school high was simple.

    Except one time my teacher kept calling on me and asking me questions and I answered no to them all but for some reason when I would say no I shook my head, and someone said stop shaking your head when you say no and for some reason I couldn't. Like I even answered that kid by saying no and shaking my head. 

    Thank God I'm not so retarded now. 
  8. Got baked at lunch before art class one day and when I walked into classs the teacher announced we were going on a field trip to a modern art exhibit sorta thing at a university, it was intense...
  9. My sophomore year me and a buddy went off campus for "lunch" and met up with another friend who drove us around and we eventually meet up with his dealer behind a Kroger. We bought an eighth of purp and packed a bowl. Everyone took about three hits then we divided up the rest between the three of us and put it in our shoes. Then we realized that we were gonna be late getting back to school and I had a test right after lunch so we quickly sprayed a shit ton of axe to cover up the smell (not obvious at all right? :D ) and used some fruity ass lotion on our hands. We walked in to school about 15 minutes late and the principal was right there waiting for us. She was pissed because we didn't sign out for lunch and that we were 15 mins late. Anyways after she bitched at us for a little bit she sent us off to class and we thought we had gotten away with it. So I went up to take my test and it was my 3rd time smoking weed and 1st time smoking something named so I was stoned out of my mind. I grabbed my test and sat there and stared at the clock for the final 40 minutes of class and when class ended I hadnt answered a single question. So I turned it in and went down to my locker where I almost pissed my pants because my mom was in the hall to pick me up because the principal basically knew we were high. My mom searched me, confiscated the bud and away I went. Somehow I didn't get expelled but hey I didn't complain
  10. Ive never told anyone this story because its embarassing how stupid my thoughts were at the time so HERE YOU GO INTERNET!!!

    One day second last year i was in high school i went to my first period class which was entrepreneurship. For our last month we were creating a business so to speak. It was a food stall that we made at the schools cancer fundraiser day which we sold simple things at. Fries, ice cream, pop, etc. We wanted to do a test day a week before to see if we could actually cook the fries in the deep fryer cuz the teacher didnt know so he asked for my help.

    This is where the story kicks in. I ripped like 6 bowls before catching the bus cuz i knew we werent doing much the last couple weeks. When i got to class before everyone else i start chatting with my teacher, but then he asks all of a sudden "Are you hungry today?". I had been suspended for amoking weed before so he knew i smoked weed and i took that sentence as he was asking if i was high. Silly paranoid me, i start mumbling trying to explain how i was tired and didnt get breakfast, yada yada, trying to justify why i look high as shit. Then all he wanted to say was we were cooking fries that day. Really embarassing but i remember it quite vividly
  11. I showed up to my biology exam high and when my teacher picked it up i looked straight at her...laughed...and walked away
  12. Dude I just got high yesterday in the school parking lot. I have summer school cuz I'm awesome and when lunch came around I went to my car because I forgot my pb&j in my car. I rembered I had my bamboo pipe and weed in my car so I packed a nice bowl and smoked that bad boy. I came back into school and since I don't talk to no one cuz I have no friends, nobody even knew. I such a ninja :D
  13. So I'm in the uk and there are hardly any regular stoners in my college (last 2 years of high school in America I think? Well I was 17 anyway). So I smoked a joint about 30 minutes before my last class and was feeling very good. I get in and immediately this guys like
    "I smell weed" I was like
    "shit I wonder where that's coming from?" I sat down and the guy I sit next to comes in and says
    "you ok?" But he was kinda laughing as well so I was said
    "Is it that bad, the smell?" And he told me he could smell it as soon as I walked in.

    The whole class virtually was bitching about me that whole lesson. I was ok after 5 mins or so and decided to be a proud pot head and that same guy told me I stank of weed again and I just said "at least I don't smell like tobacco" (he smoked cigarettes)

    Another one is about my friend. We both got stoned at lunch and for me it was fine I just enjoyed it usual. But he got to his class and found out he was meant to be presenting this 5 minute long history presentation about something, I don't know what. He is the worst person for looking really high too and doesn't smoke much so he must have been really stoned and he told me he did this presentation but got the giggles too much and yeah.
  14. Funniest thing I've ever read hahaha
  15. So our high school was connected to the junior high. I smoked a joint before I came to school and we had an assembly that day an I planned on sleeping that entire time. So my old junior high history teacher sits by me since I came in late and laughs. He goes "man (name here) your having yourself a good time huh?" I laugh cause he obviously knows I'm high. I say "mr.(name here) you know the deal, I'm a senior so I thought I would try it once!" He was obviously a pot head since his favorite movie is the big lebowski and he goes to tell me stories. So he was telling me about how one time they got on a highway at night and his buddies tied a shopping cart to the car and he sat in at as they drove down the rode. I cracked up how he explained that it was beautiful . So I was like I hungry and he went to the teachers longue and got a bag f Cheetos. No lie u was the happiest kid on earth. I smash them so quick and he says that's nothing and that he an his buddies used to go buy three foot-long coneys and kill them during lunch at school. Overall a very memorable experience and in French class the next day his daughter starts telling me that he told her all about it. I couldn't help from bringing back some giggles that I held back the day before. Won't ever forget that teacher!
  16. Went to class high as a kite and my buddy and I had the wise idea to throw our McDonald's tea straw wrappers into our teachers cleavage.

    I'm sorry, Ms. Colona, but your double d's make a perfect basket.

    Walked into detention baked with a joint on my ear and got suspended lol.

    Good times
  17. Another time i made some cannabutter and made brownies and took one to class in a ziplock bag, and my class was outside in a trailer type room they called portables so it was a small room, and i took it out and ate it and a few people smelled it lol but it was all good
  18. Been to school high plenty of times and one time my freshman year my spanish teacher (complete bitch) was like “Why are you so quiet today?”  So I stare at her and say “Do you really care?” Then just put my head down and she left me alone haha.
  19. So when I was in eighth grade I was baked so much one morning in homeroom. I usually ask to go to the bathroom to get out of there but when I said can I go to the bathroom I stuttered like 4 times and she looks at me for like 10 seconds not saying a word. At this point my heart sunk. I looked and felt so scared. Then she's just like yeah hurryy up. Walked out trippin balls trying to figure out why she didn't say anything to me. She was staring into my soul!!
    Another story in eighth grade in science class. I don't know why but my teacher was that teachers that touches you and stuff. Weird but one day I'm doing my work focusing really hard. I was high. My hoodie smells BAADDD really bad. She touches me making me jump and shes like are you okay and im like yeah fine o_O. Didnt even notice.
    One more story in eighth grade. Yes i got baked a lot in 8th grade so this one is in language arts and we had to present projects and i was like shit!! I had the project but i was so nervous and so high. I get up there and mess up my words and ended okay. Sat down put my head down and thought wtf did i just do.
  20. 420th post!!!!!!!! Anyways when i was a junior my teacher called on me in 1st hour and I didnt know how to do the shit on the board so I just stood there like a dumbass while everyone laughed at me and I laughed back. My teacher just got all pissed because I "disrupted the class" It was the last time i was called on...

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