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Being High In School (Story thread)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applemask, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. What's up GC just wanted to hear some of yalls stories about being high in school whether theyre funny, embarassing, or just stupid they're all welcome here so I'll start it off.

    This one time I came back from smoking after lunch and of course I was baked. My teacher is up at the front going through the lesson and she notices That I have this stoned look on me so she asks "you understand?" so I said yes, a few minutes later she starts to try to trip me out by making
    Her eyes huge and bulgy but she fails and all I could think was WDF she knows I'm stoned.
  2. I didn't start smoking until after high school but I go to class stoned often. Nobody can tell, so I don't really have any stories but I wanted to post anyway.
  3. woke up one morning, smoked a couple bowls and a blunt with my sister then went and got ready, so i got to school and im still pretty baked and when i get to class my friends like "dude your baked" and im like "no shit how can you tell tho?" and he goes, "you have a half smoked blunt behind your ear" and i tripped out and was like holy shit lol, but nobody saw it, and we left school and smoked the rest then went home and back to sleep
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  4. I got really high before school one morning. Forgot that I had to teach the class about the effects of the gravitational force of the moon.

    I winged it and got a 96.
  5. I smoked 2-liter waterfalls in rapid succession at a friend's house before school. Then I went to my history class. In the classroom, my teacher used me in an example to aid in explaining Greek economics. In his hypothetical example I was a "Greek pot seller." He had to have said pot/pots 10 times before moving on. I think he might of knew. :smoke:
  6. Went to school high twice so far, both we had half days. They were just assemblies all day. One of them was about drugs and alcohol, and they talked about weed a lot. I was laughing real hard and thinking about how wrong they were about our wonderful plant.
  7. Showed up to history class really baked and our cool teacher asked someone for a $20 bill. He asked if anyone had a lighter, apparently i'm the only one who didn't take it as a joke as tossed mine to him. He shaked his head and explained to me that he was joking about lighting the bill hahahaha
  8. This is like the 420th thread about being high in school
  9. [ame=]Wiz Khalifa - Be Easy - YouTube[/ame]
  10. One time I left school with all my stuff still there in the middle of class to go home and smoke with my friend. I went back to school high, slipped into class and grabbed my bag, it was flawless. Every time I smoke and go out in public I feel like I'm in some kind of soap opera.
  11. im going to class baked as shit wen i see one of my friends that i have that same class with so i go say wassup and he can tell im stoned so we go to class. a little later im just sitting in my chair stoned as shit just thinking because the class rooms all quiet, then out of nowhere i start hearing a phone vibrating loud as shit i'm like whose phone is that then i notice its my fucken phone and im all tripping because it sounded so loud to me and i didn't want it to get taken away so the whole time im nervous as shit just thinking hurry up and hang up fucker, then i look over at my friend and he's just looking back at me laughing with his phone in his hand. little fucker haha
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  12. so its 420(which was unfortunately a wednesday) of my 8th grade year. I do two bowls of my trusty gravity bong and head off for school. My bus takes about 30 minutes to get to my school(so glad i drive now:p) and before i even get there im tripping out. Now middle schoolers are really gay and so almost every person i see that i know goes
    "Omg spencer, youre high" like um, no shit i was the one who smoked. anyway this trips me out cause if 20 random middle schoolers know, teachers will know. I sit down against a locker and chill with some friends. A good friend of my walks in the school down the hall, i look over and we lock highs. We have that instant mindreading discussion that all high people have, that went kinda like this.
    Me "Dude what's up..i'm so high"
    Zack "Dude..what?"
    We proceed to laugh for about 3minutes. school finally starts and we go to class
    (my first class happens to be with that friend zack, and it's health, so of course were both paranoid) we end up sitting in class doing nothing, and our teacher who i guess is stupid doesnt notice. I start to head off to my next class and see my principal standing next to our schools SRO and i basically shit myself. I walk past to hear "well, chris' eyes were bloodshot, so we need to talk to him" I then smile as i walk away. Overall great 420, and didnt get caught :cool:
  13. I smoked a bowl in the school bathroom after lunch, and then headed to spanish class. It hit me as soon as class started. I walked in and the teacher asked me what was wrong with my eyes. I mumbled 'no sleep' and she stared me down to my seat. I had just finished a t-break, so I was fucked up. I started making spaceship noises and moving my pencil in the air.

    I couldn't speak a lick of Spanish. When she asked me a question, I was supposed to take 30 seconds to respond, and spent 15 minutes yapping about randomly and slowly.
  14. Back when I started smoking, I blazed with this new kid I met at school who was in my science class. Grade 10 I think it was. Anyway, we're both sitting there, chew outta our minds, and the teacher comes walking by, looks at us, and then takes a giant, abnormally prolonged and exaggerated sniff.

    Mother fucker knew we were baked. We didn't care though. I dunno what he was talking about that class but we kept laughing at the stupidest shit.

    Like, he would be at the front of the room talking about ions and electrons and shit and I'd just burst out laughing every time he's use one of his stupid analogies.

    Ahh... Good times.
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    Just remembered another. Smoked a fat joint with my buddy in the morning 5 minutes before law class. I knew it was a bad idea but I even care cuz I wanted to be high that morning for whatever reason. When we get to class we obviously smelt like weed. My teacher would always bash weed and most of the stoners in that class would challenge what he would say. I was always one of those loud mouth kids that would.

    Anway, I'm sitting there chewed as fuck, he knows whats up, so he makes me read almost the entire chapter of our textbook out loud. Normally we take turns reading but this mother fucker made me read like 10 pages. I thought I nailed it, but after, one of my buddies told me that I was reading like a got damn retard.

    Teachers in Canada were so chill
  16. One time in highschool, i got high before lunch. I went and ate lunch and proceeded onwards with my day.
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  17. i was so stoned once in class, i got bored and went on grasscity and made the same thread hundreds of people have already made before. Wait, what?!
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  18. This was during that one week of winter my south floridian city had.

    So One morning I had a joint of some sour diesel (if you know diesel you should know where this story is going).

    This particular joint was double rolled because the last few Js I had been rolling were double rolled and they were perfect but this one ended up not being so perfect.

    So I head out to my backyard and light up this j and it ends up not even hitting so me being the pothead I am instead of going to school (I walk since it's less then 15 min. away).

    So I roll up a new one and Houston we have lift off :smoke: I'm wearing my comfortable UM sweater and man was I high (wish I had a picture of the nugs).

    *So back to the story*

    After I finish the joint I put some cologne on so and start walking to school playing some tunes too so you know i'm chillin' So I get to school and get pass the front office simply telling them that I overslept lol and slip past security without them jumpin' on me since I had almost been caught by two of them last year (but that's another story).

    So I get into class and take a seat and since I and other students passed the standardized test we don't have to really do shit anymore because we were getting switched out in a few weeks anyway.

    So my teacher comes to the back of the class where me and these *****s are just talking about some bullshit haha and as soon as she comes to the back of the class she looks at me and says absolutely nothing and smiles for like 8 seconds straight. I look straight at my friend but could see her looking at me through my peripheral. Then she sits down still not saying anything.

    So I ask my friend like man do I reek or something and He's like hell yeah man and so does this other kid and these two hot girls in the corner kept looking in my direction (so in other words the whole back of the class can smell me).

    Lol and this song was playing in my mind the whole time [ame][/ame].

    Then out of no where a security guard walks into class and asks for me I'm not really tripping cause I kind of figure it might happen. So he escorts me to a room and one of the security guards I mentioned earlier that almost got me last year is in the room. oh And while I'm walking out my bitch of a teacher gives me a smile.

    *this isn't exact btw*

    So He says
    "Hey i know you smoke weed but do you know you smell like it right now and your teacher said you were disturbing the class?"

    "oh sorry I didn't know I didn't wash this sweater so it must've been from before." - me

    "well you don't seem high () empty your pockets so I can make sure you don't have any contraband on you" and I say no (but I did have a lighter on me but I somehow got away with not pulling it out of my pocket). But the other security guard tells me to take off my bookbag and goes through ALL my shit then the other guy gets up and searches me himself and finds the lighter and says

    "that's what I meant by any contraband"

    And my high ass goes "oh I didn't know that counted"

    Lol so he takes my lighter (my favorite lighter too) and tells me to get back to class and next time you smell we will be calling your parents to make a suggestion of sending you to rehab.

    When I walked back into class legit my teachers eyes widen with that "how the fuck?" face and I say "I still got love for you miss and give her a smile"

    And that's it....... Sorry for being so long about It btw.
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    Never really had any teachers notice me high, definitely in my class after lunch all the students knew I was baked though lol especially one day I didn't have any visine.

    I was always more quiet in class though so wasn't messed with that much, almost got caught twice though. One time with a drug dog, but I happened to take steps to mask the smell of what I had in my pocket that day just incase. And sure enough it came into my class, me and 2 of my friends all had weed in the exact same class but the dog didn't detect a thing lol.

    Then another time one of my friends I was with thought it was cool to come to school smoking a cigarette, teacher caught him blowing out smoke, sent us all to the office. I had weed on me, so I made sure to be first, had the weed in an empty metal case of Altoids and tossed it in the trash. Principal told us to empty our pockets so it was a good thing I got to toss it lol. Went back later and got it out of the trash and blazed at lunch.
  20. lol you're lucky not to get anything worse though.

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