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being generous

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IgnoranceIsBliss, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. today i gave my friend who was dry 1.5 for free. Generous or stupid
  2. I'd say generous, and if he's a good friend it'll come back around eventually. Way to be man :) I've had people give me weed when I was dry, and I've given people weed, and it always seems to even out if you know chi people.
  3. Be too nice and people take you for a dummy
  4. Nice of you yeuah

  5. not true its called being nice and not a dick about your weed you gotta learn to share :):smoke:
  6. Its supposed to be shared, Mary wants to be grown, used, etc.

    The Earth thanks you
  7. A friend with weed is a friend indeed. In your friends case ;) but karma will pay you back 10 fold
  8. I would never do that... but hey, it's you're grass. :smoke:

    Can I have some free weed too? :)
  9. I think it was a little generous and dumb honestly lol. I mean I woulda smoked with him if it was my friend no problem, if they weren't trying to smoke with me or something I may give them a bowl pack or 2.
  10. Generous. Isn't that what smoking is all about? Passing joints and smoking out pals? Matching bowls? A stoner who doesn't share is no kind of stoner.
  11. Generous because if I were your friend I'd be extremely happy.
  12. just be careful who you're generous to. some people will just hound you and expect you to be generous with your weed. and those are the people that have the nerve to get mad when you dont do it...

    but if you know they will return the favor then by all means share
  13. Is he a real friend? If so, you shouldnt even hesitate to hook a brother up in need. I never do because they would do the same.
  14. it's completely dependent on how well you know the person. i've gotten screwed over so many times and i'm so much more guarded now about who i give favors to.
  15. id smoke a dude up, but no way am i just going to give away something i spent my hard earned money on.
  16. If he's a good friend, why not.. I'd rather smoke with him though, as ElectricWarrior mentionned
  17. Hell yeah I love sharing weed. Makes me feel really good.

    Me and my homie have this little jar which we fill up with weed and trade off every time we see eachother. we make sure we never go dry.
  18. thats what its all about OP
    you give and you shall receive
  19. generous,
    me and my friends help each other out when we're dry. i think its just what you should do, not to anyone though because some people will try and take advantage of you and your generousity :smoke:
  20. Depends on the person, Some people its completely stupid some its generous. For example my half brother(Met at 17 so more friends than siblings) has shouted me well we do not count but an ounce or two because I am in a hard place and looking hard for a job. He knows and I know that when I can afford it I will bring a big ass sack over every weekend(He does not except it but I will give it to him).

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