Being decrimelized in Ontario hopfully

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  1. Yes thats right for you who havent heard on Aug. 31st 2000 Marijuana was ruled by the Ontario supreme court that Ottawa(Canada's Capital) had to change the marijuana law. They have to rewrite the law so that it will be legal medically if they did not do this within a year then the law would be throwen out of the books [​IMG] Ottawa had two months to appeal... they chose not to.They have not changed the law either.

  2. I'm doing some research right back.
    I do like this paper.Please visit the link ,and tell me what ya think. [​IMG]

    In Oliver Cromwell's eloquent words,
    "I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken" about the course you and President Bush urge us to adopt to fight drugs. The path you propose of more police, more jails, use of the military in foreign countries, harsh penalties for drug users, and a whole panoply of repressive measures can only make a bad situation worse. The drug war cannot be won by those tactics without undermining the human liberty and individual freedom that you and I cherish.
  3. From the sounds of it, they can't. They've been given a certain amount of time to comply with the decision made by the court. If they do not, then the law in its entirety will be thrown out (making marijuana legal).
    Either way, chalk up one for the potheads! [​IMG]

    Peace [​IMG]

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  4. As I understand it the Feds have a rewrite to include medicinal usage and are planning to announce it shortly...they mentioned it briefly in an article about licensing some people out west to grow for medical studies and a supply for old Cold War missle launching pad under a man made lake near Saskatoon???hmm
  5. BudBurners got it theres nothing they can do either way it 's a win for us [​IMG]

  6. yea canada!

  7. yeah man, im from Ontario and the day i read of this in the paper was the day my fingers crossed. Those stupid laws have costed me enough money,time,and pain be gone with them!

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