Being charged with an Unweighable amount of marijuana. TX

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  1. Anyone else heard of this?
    I went to court and talked to my attorney recently and they had told me the amount of bud they had as "evidence" was unweighable.. Which leads me to ask why am I still fighting against this?...

    And to make matters even worse the bud wasnt even mine/on me. They had found apparently a tiny piece in the car I was riding in.

    Smh. Muricca'
  2. tx is backwards man, get yourself an attorney 
  3. typical fucking texas man. when i was driving through brownwood and got stopped they told us they arrest you on the spot for one seed.
  4. Yeah I just wonder if its gonna be dismissed or not..
    I got one, Thats who told me how much it didnt weigh out to.
    Thx tho man
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    Texas douchebaggery at its finest. I wouldn't live there if I was paid a million dollars.

    Every texan I met acted like their state is the best state in the US. Bunch of pompous backwards assholes.

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    Texas is a good place to live, if you like opportunities for employment and what not. The weed laws are wack yes. Not all the people are pompous assholes. Get real man, not everyone fits every assumption. 
  7. It didn't help that I traveled through rural texas. I didn't meet anyone who didn't seem like they thought they were better.

    Im sure if I were to go through a big city it would be different.

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  8. I hear ya, interesting enough in TX, marijuana is a misdemeanor unless you have over 4 oz. Which seems fairly generous. Of course I am from Nevada which has a MUCH better outlook on the Herb.  
  9. Been arrested in tx twice. First time had a whole bag full of grinder, bong, scale, pipes random shit, etc, the smoker kit lmao. Was with like 5 or 6 friends, caught with weed in the car. only one friend went for weed and I went for paraphenelia, that was it. One friend got put in cuffs, but let go. The friend only went because he was the one that bought it, even though we all threw money on it. Cops were really cool.
    Second time was some bullshit, but actually arresting officer was awesome. Got caught with a pipe and bong in car, over an oz in a giant tight vac and a scale in my pocket that I tried to hide under the fence and officer made me pull it out. Only charged with paraphanelia and possession under 2 ozs.
    And to the guy above me, pretty sure that it is still under 2 ozs like everywhere else.
  10. Shit man, how can they say that a physical object is 'unweighable'? Time to get super baked and go on a mr. Smith goes to Washington rant in court about how if they can't even weigh it, it must not even exist...if it don't tip the scale the doper must prevail, that's what ol' Cochran would have said.
  11. I been caught twice in Tx
    Both Pom 0-2 ozs

    Sucks. One time was for a roach, idk remember how much was the other time....

    But you know what?
    My wife was driving through marlin, Tx. Cop pulled her over and found an old zip lock bag that we put chocolate chip cookies in. Idk what the fuck the guy was thinking but he took her to jail and charged her with Pom 0-2 ozs
    Everyone around the jail knew it was a bullshit charge, and somehow the mistgrate judge showed up 12 hours early.
    The case was dismissed at the first hearing

    Despite the no conviction, She still has the charge on her record

    The question should be " was it a useable amount?"
  12. Those fuckers probably lost your weed aha

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