Being a stoner and a good student at the same time?

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  1. I love weed and I love smoking and for the past 6 ish months I've smoked daily and its been great but I've noticed I've become incredibly forgetful and pretty spacey like a stereotypical stoner, and while I was smoking during the school year (I'm still in high school) it definitely caused me some problems with learning and retaining the information I learned in class, not to mention it made me a lot worse at getting my homework done since I can't do anything that requires thinking while high.

    So what I'm asking is will cutting back to only smoking a few times a week be enough to help me regain at least some memory and learning skills/is there anything I can do to help myself be less of a dumb stoner? Is it even possible to smoke weed regularly and do well in school?:biggrin:
  2. To answer your question yes. If you only partake a couple times a week that should clear the "brain fog" to help you concentrate. There are many successful professionals out there that smoke/vape weed everyday.

    Just take it easy for now.
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  3. I could do it but I have alot going on and dont like the extra study time
  4. I was a stoner in high school.
    Was in bands too.
    Got nearly straight A's.
    I was determined to prove the stereotypes wrong.
    I did.
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  5. I do my heavy toking between school cause I have so much on my plate. It can be done. My sister swears "study high test high"
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  6. When you do smoke smoke Sativa's.

    Id say that being a good student and a stoner is not the norm.
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  7. I got a 3.0 gpa and i was super stoned the majority of the time. cannabis is a non factor to me when it come achieving in the field of academia.
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  8. im not saying there are not exceptions to the rule.
    I just dont think the majority of stoners do as well as they would of if they didnt smoke.
  9. You can get high and pass tests easily I did a course and I was high for the 9 weeks it took to complete it:smoke:
  10. i think the best performance i ever had at school was when i was a pot head... i was smoking all kinds of weed all over the bay area right before i earned my bachelors degree
  11. In my experience, this was hard to do. Smoking weed is great for learning but not necessarily within the standard education-system model. Depends on the person though
  12. During high school I was a 4.0 scholar athlete three out of four years. I smoked daily and did other drugs on the weekends while playing varsity football and baseball. It's possible. Just don't let it takeover.

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  13. Graduated college Summa Cum Laude, smoked every day. It is a simple matter of discipline, save the smoking for when you are done homework and studying.
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  14. Discipline is key. My high school valedictorian was a complete stoner, daily smoker and you could tell just by looking at him. The admin knew and didn't want to give him his hard earned reward, but they had to. Great day
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  15. Basically reiterating what some others have said here, try using cannabis after you finish your studies / assignments for the day. It can be a good motivational tool in that way. As for studying while stoned, you can try it when you're not on a time crunch (on a Saturday for example) and see how it suits you. I'm a 5th year college student with a 3.7 GPA, math major, and I only do interesting / challenging problems while baked to boost the creativity.
  16. I smoke almost every day and maintain a 3.5 undergrad GPA while also juggling an accelerated masters program. I've definitely been noticing the "brain fog," phenomenon you describe, though. I find I'm a little bit disoriented and I have a hard time articulating myself answering questions in class. I've taken to drinking three or four coffees a day in order to compensate, but there's definitely a point of diminishing returns on the horizon where I might weigh whether my weed habit is worth the side effects.
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  17. I think this goes along with the long standing theory that "Stoners are losers."

    When you get older and you meet some amazing people you'll find that many of the top achievers in many fields of the modern world and in the past are serious stoners. It's not a limiting factor in any way. It can be a tool to help you focus on certain things but each person is different in how they apply it and what amounts are successful for them.

    It's a dumb funny story but I like to listen to Joe Rogan and he talks about when he was the host of celebrity Fear Factor one year and Coolio won it. He said he would go to his trailer and a cloud of weed smoke would come out every time you opened the door. He was completely BBQ'd every day. You know what? Coolio won the whole thing. Joe says he was amazed by his focus and confidence. He was almost in a zen state.
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  19. All the kids I knew who smoked and pulled good grades, didn't smoke as much as me.
    I pulled like, straight D's because I was ditching to smoke and smoking everyday.
    It can be done, I'm sure, I'm just saying what I experienced and witnessed myself though.
    I'd consistently set the curve for grading on tests and stuff, but I was just lazy and barely did any homework and ditched a lot, though.
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    I don't really have anything against pot, but the main thing is to know the measure, man! Learning is a very serious thing in every person's life, so I advise you not to leave it on the back burner. I had a friend who was a systematic drug user. He thought that he would be able to get rid of the addiction at any time, but it's not that simple. It is very easy to start,but it is quite difficult to stop. I advise you to devote your energy to training, with the help of 7 Practical Tips Every Medical Student Should Know and don't forget that your parents want to be proud of you and love you very much!

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