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Being a Productive Stoner

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Mist425, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Obviously everyone here loves smoking weed. That being said, what does the title phrase mean to you?

    I guess what I mean to ask say is, I think everyone here sees the bullshit that goes on in our society; the people that are in control (be it media, government, big business, etc.) are the ones that know the least- at least in the context of marijuana.

    So how are like-minded people like us supposed to stand up against these forces? I don't really have an answer here other than trying to spread information where there is misinformation. But how?

    EDIT:: Just a thought to keep in mind, there are over 100,000 people registered here. Half of that would be way more than enough to do something...
  2. honestly i think it really has to do with motovation. the general sterotype for stoners is lazy and unmotovated. i consider this true to an extent. after smoking marijuana for a long time + the fact that i have chrones diease it makes me feel healty and motovated. i work the best at work when im stoned.
  3. I dunno dude there's like 105,000 members on the forum, if anything should happen it should happen here. I was just thinking about this earlier today, how much potential for change there is in a community like this
  4. they say that stoners are lazy and unmotivated, but the reason they are capable of making that generalization has nothing to do with the fact that weed transforms people. It's just that the originally lazy and unmotivated people are drawn to weed in the first place, so it makes it seem that way as though weed changes people into lazy and stupid zombies. Of course theres the successful people that smoke too, but people always seem to notice the negatives because it's human nature.

    oh god im so fucking blazed
  5. Dude, exactly. I was having inklings of that thought myself. So we have potential, even in these forums, but what to do?
  6. When I first was a stoner I was a lazy "loving to get fucked up" stoner, I just wanted to watch a movie, eat a bunch of food and shit... Becoming a productive stoner didn't happen until recently where I smoked all day, everyday for a week because I was able to due to events in my life... And for me being a productive stoner, I feel, will naturly help me to see the truth behind the gov., be smart and prepared for future problems, and also fight for the activation of Marijuana laws... Due to smoking all day, everyday, I now have a more positive outlook on life. I am making changes that I feel will make me better in the future. And I feel this is how all stoners should be... Because like Bob Marley said, herb makes you look at yourself and fix your own problems...

    And what I feel what we should do is just always be positive, lets get rid of this stereotypical view of what to be a "pothead" is. Personally for me, I don't wear hemp pants and a tie dye shirt with food stains on it... I wear normal clothes... We need to be more responsible, get to better places in life with out careers; basically just shoot for the stars... I know it sounds a bit cliche but its true, we need to do it; and its possible to do it when being a productive stoner...

    Just my $0.02....

    edit: I'm not bashing getting high and eating a shit load of food all while watching a movie; I even still love to do it... I can't wait to go watch the Dark Knight stoned....
  7. I hate how when you start smoking everyday, you learn all these things and truths about the government that they don't want you to learn and then if you try to tell any non-stoner they just think you're retarded when ironically they are the retarded brainwashed ones. And there's nothing you can do about it.
  8. Lol I give being productive my best shot, not always too easy tho haha
  9. +rep for hitting the nail on the head bro
  10. ive thought about this alot. especially since before i started smoking i was very reluctant to try it and was personally against it. but after trying it for the first time i immediately went from completely against it to smoking everyday. simply experiencing it for myself completely voided everything i had thought or had been told about marijuana. i guess you shouldnt knock anything until you try it.

    to me there are two types of smokers: pot heads and recreational smokers. a pot head is someone that falls into the stereotype of what most people believe marijuana smokers are: lazy, unable to think logically, and hungry. recreational smokers can be responsible with their high. i personally do this by trying not to smoke until all my obligations for the day are handled, i dont smoke in front of people that dont approve, i dont get excessively high, etc. i see smoking as a way of relaxing. i enjoy relaxing after a hard day at work. basically i try to live my life by being a living example that weed can be handled responsibly and people that smoke are capable of being upright, successful, and in control.
  11. im productive cuz i always smoke at work and havent got fired yet.. and i can make some good food when im stoned.. and thats the only time i have the balls to cook
  12. I would call myself a productive stoner. I have a job monday through friday, bills come first then bud. I also am forced to do everything high because i am always high haha.
  13. im a productive stoner.i do the school thing,pass the classes,go to the gym,and do work around my house just to help out.but yeah not gonna lie i used to be unproductive.it was just a random day after smoking a joint to myself,n i was like fuck what am i doing with my life,am i good at anything besides fat hits and rolling?! and that is the day i became the productive stoner i am today:D

    p.s. the dark knight was the sickest movie i have ever seen
  14. an oxymoron? can't remember if i posted my thoughts but who really cares what i think it means.
  15. I think people react like any other situation, they are scared of what they don't understand. What we would need is some actual exposure, as silly as it seems, we need to inform the people.

    I think I am not the only one being tired of the categorization that is going on concerning marijuana users. We are labelled as drug addicts and lazy people. Why you might ask? It comes all back to what we are all saying, those who are ignorant of its effect and the benefits of consuming it.

    Is there a lot of bad things going on all around Cannabis? Yes there is, let's not go blind on these issues. But what is a thousand times more wrong is to put a blindfold on the problems of alcohol and cigarettes. While thousands suffer the consequences of these legal drugs, we are pointed and made a fool of for enjoying something these who are pointing don't even understand!

    Do I believe anything will happen from this forum? No, to be quite frank. We are labelled as smokers before anything else, and our judgement is than biased, or at least, that's what they will say. (media, government, journalists etc...)

    I try to educate people whenever I can, not necessarily by saying the same ol' "I enjoy it, it's great", but rather by telling them how I feel about it, what the experience was, and who was I with when I started. I have to say, being a college graduate and being accepted into one of the best university in Canada makes them actually realize, when I talk to them, that I am not a stoner that does nothing and roam dark alleys in never-ending research for illegal substances, but rather a normal human-being enjoying the herb so many governments call dope.

    This is a much bigger issue, always having to call upon a higher instance to convince someone, but that is what has been working for me.


    P.S. A democratic parliament declared, in a constitutional law that marijuana was no different or more dangerous than already in legal circulation drugs. Welcome in the Netherlands. Amen

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