Bein drunk/high in public places..

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 7, 2006.

  1. I fucking love it.

    Jus a lil while ago, I walked to the gas station because my pops wanted munchies. I was drunk. Drank a 40 and like half pint by then throught the day. Before i left downed 3 shots of whiskey and smoked a bowl, Threw on headphones and cdplayer and walked out the door and to the store. Its like 15 minute walk there. Its Cinco De Mayo in Southwest Detroit which is Mexican Town. So huge partys and tons of police.

    Im not legal to drink, I dont give a fuck.

    I was stumbling down the street, Listenin to 3 6 mafia and jus fuck it ya know. Get ot the store and both people at the register stare at me as im wearin black n blue, Stankin like weed and alcohol. And jus look at them with glazed eyes with no emtions.

    I took my time in the store stumblin around. Then stumbled back home.

    I love doing it, Jus to look at people and i know im in such a good mood bein so fucked up and i dunno. Jus makes me feel good lol. I know they cant do shit about it. Let a cop stop me, Ill tell him to suck my dick. I dont care. Im in agood mood so dont fuck it up ya know.

    Anybody else love bein intoxited in public places like that around people?
  2. Yeah I like that too.
  3. Your names the shit.

    Im so fucking, I cant even say high or drunk or even crunk. Im jus so not sober, Im the complete opposite of sober. I feel like im to the point of overdose but fucking jus feeling fantastic in the best mood.

    And your username is fucking awesome bro.

    +Rep for that.

    Maybe im jus tore up from the floor up, But i seen that and was like damn thats the shit.
  4. i always end up at a gas station when im drunk. Its like not time to go to bed until I walk through the aisles for no reason.
  5. haha all the time man im allways trippin in front of ppl walkin around and shit its the best. Just last night (cinco de mayo) i got mad high and drank a shit load of jack and i was trippin balls walkin around. lol i rember i jumped sombodys fence to get a drink water from their sprinkler. haha funny shit.
  6. How old are you kids.
  7. whats ur problem
  8. I have none, all the people on this site are pretty cool, but i do speak my mind.

    Whenever i do anything illegal(smoking weed included) i like the least attention possible, why bring attention to your self? also, if your high and drunk as hell in public, no one thinks your cool for doing that, so showing off your high means squat.

    Why you would want attention while doing somthing illegal, i dont know. I love, LOVE weed, but i dont shove it in peoples faces either.

  9. WTF, Im not looking for attention im not 13 anymore. But when i dont have a couch lock I go walk around/drive around with friends. Its mad fun walkin the stretts and shit while trippin i love it. You see weird shit and you just dont get the same experience as you do if you were just sitting inside watching t.v.
  10. yeah, go smoke a bowl n chill out :p

  11. Ok, mom.
  12. Now pack the pipe for me son.
  13. I feel ya Bong_Smoke.

    I don't like being drunk in public, it just leads to bad things for me. I'm the kind of drunk idiot who's highly suggestable, so ya know, shit sometimes happens. Like someone will bump into me and I'll flip.

    Being high on the other hand is a different story. I don't do anything to draw attention to myself but I enjoy being outside.
  14. i love being high in public...I love knowing that I'm fucking stoned as hell and they don't know any different...makes my high even better i think..
  15. Being high is always fun, whatever you do. Be it chilling out at home, or just driving around looking for munchies. Sometimes tho being out in public can be a problem, like the other day when I ran into one of my dads friends when I was walking to the store. He was walking his dog and I was stoned outa my skull and he stopped and wanted to talk. Fuck I couldn't get out of it, I sat there for five mins just listening to him ramble.

    Neways being high/drunk in public can be fun, but its no more fun then being stoned with some of your best friends chilling at home. Well I think I'm gonna roll a J and take a walk to the store :smoking:
  16. being drunk in a bar, resturante, sporting event, or someplace where alcohol is served with people is mad fun

    but, just being drunk in general public sucks in my opinion due to the risk of a cop being around you, and noticing you are clearly intoxicated, and getting a fat fine for public intoxication and possibly arrested, just not worth it

    i will stick to bars and sports games
  17. Getting high and going to public places is my fave thing to do....I usually toke up before I leave, that way I don't have anything on me...eliminates the paranoia of getting caught lol.

    I love driving and going to a bunch of stores...Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc. Just shopping around, blazed out of your mind, checking out the cute girls you come across, is the best.

    Not a care in the world, always feels like it's the best day...yesterday, I had my Cartman shirt and everyone knew I was baked but no one, including me gave a fuck. And that's the way I like it, mind your own business and for those that enjoy being lit in public, here's a bowl to ya.
  18. Yea, i fucking love it, i love getting high with my buds and then going out to dinner, so fun, when im drunk im pretty funny too haha!

  19. haha im the exact opposite. i embrace my alterego when im drunk. i wait for someone to start shit, and then im on them like stank on shit.

    sometimes if im real high i cant stand the "everyone is watching what im doing" feeling.

    so drunk in public yes, high in public depends.
  20. one time me and my friend played football with a box of tampons at Wal-Mart while we were was great

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