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  1. I recently bought a house. I have spent a lot of time cleaning up the yard and watering the regular plants that I found to be growing naturally. Low and behold, a natural marijuana plant is growing in my backyard. I have never grown my own. Can I get some tips and advice on growing in the Las Vegas desert please? All is very much appreciated. (I can post daylight photos later. I just took the pictures when I found grass city.)

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  2. Sorry boss but that does not appear to be cannabis :(

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  3. Sorry. That’s not weed

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  4. What else could it be? I am fairly certain that it is. It definitely has a good strong smell. My girlfriend suggested that it could be sativa. She used to live with her sister who grew. I’ve been smoking for 25 years. I will take a better picture tomorrow in the daylight. Just in case.
  5. Random new pictures but still at night. I dont know if these are much different. I’ll try again in the daylight.

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  6. Yea take some more pictures it may randomly switch to a cannabis plant.
  7. No weed in those pics....
  8. More photos, please.
  9. That definitely is not a cannibas plant

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    No outer serrations —can’t be cannabis..
    Also, cannabis isn’t native to any place in America that I know of, I believe. But in the event that you did, find a real cannabis plant growing “in the wild”, here in America 99% chance.. it was/is someone else’s stash. Sorry bud
  12. I agree with the rest, doesn't look like weed to me. If you're g/f is so convinced it is because her sister grew weed, then grow the plant out and get back to us with pics when it starts flowering and producing buds.
  13. Obviously a false alarm. Turns out it is a Chastetree which is somehow closely related to the hemp tree. I apologize for the inconvenience but appreciate the sincere answers. For as much as I have and do smoke, I have never actually been around a plant. The smell is so incredibly similar that I thought for sure. I’ll just stick to smoking.
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