Beginner's Grow 1st and 2nd attempts in one.

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  1. I want you to help me(you pros around here), and learn from my mistakes(People who might be growing also). Well for starters I have started a thread and I will post that link here. But I have a few plants which are 5 1/2 weeks old, and like 4 and 1/2 inches. Last night I transplanted them in buried them much more, so now they are like 2 inches tall. Last night when I transplanted them, I gave them all as many sprays of water as it took for the water to drain out of the bottom. I think that is how I am going to feed them is by number of sprays. I did not count them last night, but it was about 3/4's of the bottle of water emptied into the three pots.

    Well like I said I transplanted them last night into a 4 to 1 mushroom compost to perlite with half a teaspoon of blood meal also in it. since then the biggest of the three looks like it has actually put off a new leaf, but the other two are kind of meh. This soil mix is going to be what the seedlings I will talk about later are going to go into when the time comes.

    Also I started some new seedlings. I did a few things different this time though. Last time(the batch mentioned before) when the seed was in the napkin, they were in there for like 2-3 days, and were growing in the napkin, and I planted the root. They started well but things happened that messed them up a lot! I also forgot to mention, I moved them from outside in the shed to inside the spare closet. Well the new seeds I started, I soaked them in distilled water for a day and a half, and when 4 seeds had cracked, 2 had root showing, and 2 were not cracked but were sunk like the rest of the seeds, I planted them in the jiffy peat moss pad. They are in the peat moss pad in the mini green house in front of the lamp. It stays at a constant 85 with two fans blowing on them. All the plants are now on a 20 on 4 off light pattern, with the 2 four foot flouro's(I am going to home depot to get a warm white one also.) on them, along with the high intensity light. The fans are also on the timer, should they be blowing 24 hours a day? I thought give them a break from everything while they are sleeping. Also there is a radio in there that plays Lamb of God, Hed PE, and KMK. I just read that it is good for plants. The seedlings have not sprouted, I read it can take 2-5 days and today is day 2. I sprayed the top of the mini green house yesterday, and then again today because the plastic had no water on it. Also this morning I sprayed each of the peat moss balls five times each.

    Now for pictures.

    DSC 50 is the bottom of the closet. When we moved in I took of the door, and have never put it back on lol. So that keeps my lights from being visable through my windows(they look like a table lamp is on at night) and it creates my air flow.

    DSC 51 Starting with the blue tub and going clock wise. The blue tub is my big mixture of 4 to 1 medium. 1 oscillating fan pointed up wards. The flouro across the top, and the radio under that. It is not on all the time, just every now and then I will push play and let it run until it runs out of tracks. Next are the three 5 1/2 week old plants, with the seedlings in front of them, in the mini green house. themometer on top of the, also takes humidity. High intensity light, safe to sit on, and one more fan. blows in front of the plants to keep the heat from the light off of the misses. then the timers.

    DSC 52 My nutes. I have a full strength, a 1/2 and a 1/4 break down of these. 30-10-10 , 10-30-20 , 10-5-14 also I have 1/2 water half worm poop, a strait water bottle. Also you can see the worm poop. All the water I use is either distilled, or has sat outside for enough time I feel everything has disipated(sp?).

    DSC 53 closer view of the 5 1/2 week olds, the sedlings and light

    DSC 54 The best of the three...

    DSC 55 The seedlings.

    DSC 56 The temperature and humidity

    DSC 57 The dirt, which double as a chair.

    I think that is all, let me know what you think...

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  2. I went to Home depot and got a warm white bulb to put in my flouro...See how it does.

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