Beginner Using Hand Fed Hydroponic- Seedlings Dying

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    This is my first post-I hope I don't void any of the rules, If I do please let me know.
    Strain - unknown (seeds found in herb)
    # of plants - 1
    Grow Type - Hydro
    Grow Stage - Vegitation
    Setup - "passive hydroponics"/"hand fed hydroponic
    Light - 1 CFL & +-2 floresent lights
    Nutrients - "slow releasing ferterizer" & potting soil
    Medium - 90%Perlite 10%potting soil
    PPM - Unknown- not even sure what it is
    PH - Unknown, no ph testing kit yet
    RH - unknown
    Room Temperature - 80 to 86
    Solution Temperature -65 to 69
    Room Square Footage - 20
    Pests - None Known
    Reservoir size - 2-3 inches in bottom of plastic tub
    Water type - tap... Perhaps it's killing my plant, thoughts?
    So here is the short and quick. I started off in a 2 in tall 3 in around plastic cup. Soil did not hold and absorb water without running out or excessive soil compression and wetting at the bottom of the up with significantly less moisture in top of soil. 
    Seedling sprouted, 2 point leafs sprouted and then I re-potted due to next to 0 water flow and in ability to control moisture.
    Was using natural light cycle with likely limited or shorted light cycle.
    Plant sprouted quickly within 4 days it went from seed to 4 leafs -2 being seedling leafs.
    after re-potting (in poor soil) no additional growth noted for a whole day.
    Finally got freaked out and ended up re-potting in current 90/10 perlite-potting soil. Got grow lights yesterday and now using 24 hour lite cycle. After first re-pot there was a noted shrinking in the two new pointed leafs- less than 1/4 of an inch each with 1/3 inch seedling leafs. 
    After the transplant and 24 h light cycle the seedling leafs continued shrinking and browning/purpling? The root is about 4 in long with no sprouts and very thin. The perlite is flushed with water and then left sitting in 1-2 in of water in reservoir. Recently introduced "slow releasing  fertilizer which came with a plant purchase. 
    The real questions is can this plant be saved and can I find a way to provide nutrients to my plants? I am re-potting some bonsais in new soil in hanging plants and adding the slow releasing fertilizer. I plan on hanging these plants above a reservoir to collect run off. The run off then gently drips into the growing pot with the seedling which then collects in the bottom reservoir and then is recycled back through the top. The second question would then be, Is the run off and the slow releasing fertilizer a significant nutrient supplement for my plant.
    This is only to grow 1 small personal plant. This is temporary and next week I will have fertilizers and maybe a pump.
    So to restate:
    #1 - is my seedling dying and what is likely the cause?
    #2 - Is potting soil run off rich in nutrients?
    *imporant note:Other seedling in first container was left, and then never opened it's leafs
    fertilizer - Slow Release Bonsai Fertilizer PelletsFree Shipping With Tree Purchase
    Soil - Miracle-Gro Potting Mix
    Perlite- Miracle-Gro Perlite

  2. it sounds like your drowning them. they won't need nutrients at this time. ppm is a measurement of nutrient strength. this will need to be very low at this point. most people will use no nutes at all for the first week
  3. you have a very unusual setup. I suggest trying one of the time tested common set ups as its much easier to keep things on track
  4. can you put a photo up of them?
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    So this is my sad little seedling... IT's started to shrug over and has gotten significantly smaller. I am using a CFL light about 3 inch from plant. Planted in a plastic cup with holes all throughout.

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  6. I think you added one to many pics :eek:
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    I hope that's better. So any thoughts? I just modified the set up for all my plants. Put a fan in the room and closed the door mostly. Now it's just sitting and waiting. 
    Any thoughts on what caused this? I think the plant is just going to die so I hope the seeds come up. This is basically a learning experience, Ether I resolve the problem, or I end up waiting a few weeks for the money to buy supplies. I am heading out today and leaving my little green house for a few days. So I would like to fix the problem soon.
  8. I think that's had it mate, I can't see that coming back anytime soon...

    what I suggest for your next go is first decide if your going to go hydro or soil. if your doing hydro do a DWC set's about as simple as hydro can get, you can't really go wrong. if you choose soil then buy some regular compost or whatever you normally use in your country and add perlite and peat at about a ratio of 1:1:1. this will give you a great starting soil for seedlings. repot after a week or two in to soil without the peat but still add perlite, about 30% perlite 70% soil. add nutes at about a quarter strength when the plants are about 4-5 weeks old

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