beginner small space grow, tips?

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  1. so i got a small space. and i tented the space off with some plastic and tape, and layers of cardboard and plastic underneath (incase of spills), inside that their is a tent thats 2lx4wx5h, 3" plastic pots with those tray things, a 300w "mars" light, a 200cfm exhaust and 400cfm intake fan stuck on a 6" duct taped to cardboard around the output of a 400btu manual air conditioner. a humidity controller (for fogger) and temperature controller (for manual air conditioner), reptile humidifier/fogger, 250w portable ceramic heater, two carbon air filters, intake is inside the enclosure and the outside one is hanging off a shelf in the small space. i got it set at 81 degrees on the controller which registers on this cheap thermometer (mounted higher, just below chin level) as 86 and as 81 ish on a z wave sensor and temperature controller, both of those two sensors are mounted just above pot level. also this automatic watering thing i plugged into a gallon of distilled water that waters it by dripping water for 36 seconds twice a day, (seemed optimal for the apple tree to prevent excess runoff in the tray/pan thing) i suck the runoff out with a shop vac currently but plan on using a small 12v pump and an inline screen to remove the water automatically and pump it into a "waste water" container that will be an empty gallon jug every day in the future. also there is a remotely operated plugstrip that can be scheduled however each time you schedule it to turn on or off its an entire thing... so like every 3 minutes is setting it individually for each on/off event. super annoying.
    humitity controller setup
    reptile humidifier plugged into the low humidity port (set at 70% humidity with a 7.5% trigger for the temperature differential)
    temperature controller setup
    temperature controller has the two fans and air conditioner plugged into the cooling port for when it drops below the registered 81 degrees. it goes for about, say 5 minutes whenever its hot. happens about every, say 10 minutes to half hour. i dont know how to add a timer to the fans to they operate independently to circulate air for like a minute every 10 minutes without also turning on the air conditioner since its in the same line... so given this setup and the fact that an apple tree i started from grocery store apple seed is currently doing pretty well in it. does anyone have any comments as to what i could do to improve the setup? i have not experienced any bugs or mold yet however i am doing one light spray of neem oil every morning. figured it couldnt hurt either weed or apple trees.

    also, if anyone has comments on herbies for getting, "tomato seeds" it would be appreciated, as im not sure the best place to get them.
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    i like seedsman and attitude. small grows are awesome. i built 2x2 mobile scrog setups for my girls to easily move them from veg to the 1st flowering room and finally to the second. check out my grow. maybe a few things in there that might help.


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