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  1. I have a bong w/ 2 perks and a 18 mm NB bowl. It works fine, but there's no downstem present so it hurts a lot. One of my buddies told me a diffuser would simply do the trick as it would easily attach with the bowl. Another one of my friends said a downstem would attach. My question is if I have the bowl already what actually attaches to it? I understand to some people that this is a trivial question, but please help me out here, because I'm super confused.

  2. If you already have the bowl piece you need to buy the downstem which you can get to fit your bowl size and bong size 
  3. If you could post a picture it might make it easier for us to help you. Say the joint size of your bong is Xmm (probably 18mm) If your bowl fits directly into your bong then your bowl is also Xmm. This means that you will need a Xmm to Xmm downstem, be careful because there are many Xmm to Ymm downstems but they wont work with your bowl. 
  4. Sounds like you need a 19 to 19 but I'd just clean the bong and bowl take it in to the shop and match pieces Sent from my VS840 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Edit: 18 by 18 er what ever is lol I think 18.8 is the actual sizeSent from my VS840 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Yea im a little confused, so you have a bong but it's missing a downstem so I would assume the bowl is just hanging there in the notch. By diffuser your friend is still talking about a downstem just with slits or holes at the bottom for even distribution. Just get like 25 bucks and buy one at the local smoke shop
  7. I was wondering why the girl at the LHS kept saying "this one comes with a diffused downstem..." I finally just said, aren't all downstems... diffused downstems because they are submerged in the water?
    But you're saying there is a difference between downstems and diffused downstems because diffused ones have the slits at the bottom? But both are submerged in water - right?
  8. Yeah diffused just means the smoke is evenly distributed throughout the chamber. I had a friend who used these beads that gave the same result. And yes they both are submerged in water same exact part just the diffused downstem has the openings toward the bottom.
  9. So... it's a glass on glass 18mm and you have the tube, and the bowl? Then yeah, you can dry hit it... or get some type of water cooling ashcatcher. What you should really do though is just go ahead and get some 18mm  to 18mm downstem. Make sure you don't get an 18mm to 14mm or you'll have to find a smaller bowl piece too, and a 14mm to 18mm just wouldn't fit... well, your bowl would.
    Now lets see your piece hombre!
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