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  1. Hey guys I'm looking for help if possible I want to start a small grow of just 1 plant and wanted to build a box to grow in stealth is of an issue to some extent but not too much I been reading a lot on this forum and found most of the answers I needed I think I got it all pretty planned out but there is so much information on here some of it says one thing then the next comment/thread says another
    What size box would I need?
    How good is cfl lighting?
    Is organic growing more trouble than its worth?
    What's best strain to grow?
    Sorry about all the questions people toatally new to growing
    Any help would be great just can't wait to get started now (cut out the dealer) :)
  2. size box varies tremendously...if you only want one plant- id say 2x2x4. but of course you can use low stress training and keep it low. if heights an issue.
    cfl lighting will work but is not recommended for best results-h.i.d. lighting is best indoors which is metal halide for veg and high pressure sodium for flowering.
    and fyi cfl for veg u want 6500k and for flowering 2700k

    organic i dont know too much about but if you use just straight water youll still get bud.

    best strain theres no answer for you. indacas usually stay smaller so they are mostly used indoors. of course you can buy an autoflowering strain and those are usually small and stay on one light cycle.

    id say 1 plant aint gonna keep your supply so full that you can completely cut out the dealer.
    and cfls never yeild as much as hid lighting
  3. I'd say 2.5'x2.5'x5' should work nicely. I used CFLs for my first grow. They surely aren't as effective as HID, but they can definitely grow a plant. 100 actual watts for one plant (not the incandescent equivalent). The more light the better. Fully ammended organic soil is worth it for sure, but can be easily overwhelming to the beginner. There is no best strain to grow, but many strains great for beginners. A popular beginner strain seems to be Northern Lights. I went with White Widow, which was a hardy strain.
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    some of those questions are quite subjective, the answers will depend on personal views. so I'll answer to how they apply to myself

    the box size will depend on how much room you have spare, what lamps your planning to use and how much your harvest would need to be if indeed there was a minimum amount

    CFL lighting works really well up until about 250watts. I believe once you hit this amount you are better off going hps unless your grow area is very low height and has a canopy area larger than 2x2 feet. but anything over 400w and your definitely better off going hps

    for me growing strictly organic is indeed more trouble than its worth. I grow in soil and will opt for organic products some of the time. however I don't like the idea of mixing all of your nutrients in at the start and not being able to stay in control and I believe flushing the plants is very important.. I'm currently using biobizz bottled formula, it's organic but is simple as chemical formula. it works well for me

    the best strain will depend on what you like. grow what you like to smoke, the difference in strains as far as growing requirements are extremely small. a favorite of mine is ak47 but may not be for you. stick to popular strains, they are popular for a reason. New strains are often pot luck. old strains have their genetic traits firmly locked down and are more predictable. northern lights and skunk being great oldies

    a good starter box if your new and want to keep things small would be a 1.5x1.5x3ft box with a full hinged front door. a 125w CFL with decent reflector. a small 3-4" extractor fan. you will need a carbon filter when flowering. a few 3" computer fans to keep the air moving. a screen to train a few plants to to maximize the canopy to gather as much light as possible. you should get an oz or two from this pretty easily. if you wish to have more bud than this or indeed have more room then step up the size

  5. I had heard hid lighting would be too much heat for such a small grow space but feel free to tell me if that's wrong I have no growing experience at all hence the questions :D and its only me smoking it at night when Mrs and kid gone bed so don't really need much I suppose I'd want it as a hobby with enjoyable product at the end of it all :)

  6. So if you don't recommend organic for a beginner what would you suggest is easier/simpler and I was looking into lst to keep it low and bushy
    You mentioning white widow I might have to give it a go at growing take me back to when I smoked it as a kid haha that was my 1st smoke :) happy days
  7. Quality bagged soils such as Roots Organic and Foxfarm Ocean Forest work very well. Look into Topping/FIMing, and SCROGing as well. All are great ways to keep your canopy low and uniform. The WW was very tasty and potent, I can definitely recommend it!
  8. Wow thanks for all the help already guys wasn't expecting such a great reply for another few hours :)

    those sizes sound about right nutes just seem to confuse me :) I live in uk so most of the things mentioned on the forums are hard for me to get hold of if I can't get 125watt cfl would it work if I got more lower wattage ones bulbs rather than just one big one?

  9. Haha sorry to be a pain but could you recommend any good threads on Topping/FIMing, and SCROGing as I have read so much over past few months I'm not even sure what's any use anymore haha
  10. Not a pain whatsoever, this is what we're here for! :smoke:

    Topping/Fimming sticky:

    LSTing sticky:

    SCROG sticky:

    Helpful links for beginners sticky:
  11. google pc grow box, plus it already has a fan, PLUS it wont look suspicious when plugged in. you can build your own.

  12. I'm in the uk aswell. they sell 125w cfls in any hydro store, plus eBay there are a few sellers. a 125w is about £20, a reflector will also be about £20. you can use a few 20-25watt bulbs if that's all you can get. I have grown bud with just 2x 20w bulbs in the past, it works but you will need to put more effort in. low light gardens definitely need to use the ScrOG system to maximize the light used.

    I use west+ compost. it's the best we have in the uk and its awesome. you will need additional nutes. get bottled ones veg and bud type that have been designed around the needs of marijuana. again there is plenty on eBay or hydroponic shops.

    oh yeah almost forgot, mix in perlite with your soil at about 2:1 ratio, it makes a big difference
  13. Was looking at led lighting but wanted to know if anyone else had used led in a micro grow as I didn't want temps dropping too low as led doesn't give out much heat
  14. its unlikely that your temperature will drop too low. where are you planning to grow? is it in an outbuilding perhaps?
    i tried using leds about 10 years ago, its was useless but leds have come on a long way since then, or at least im led to believe. i wouldnt bother with them myself personally. if you havent got the room for HIDs then CFLs do the job quite perfectly, i think if you went the LED route you need a very high watt system that would cost a fortune. compared to a few £1 25watt CFLs they just dont cut it
  15. Hmmm maybe Il just stick with cfl
    Could it work to use cfl for main lighting and then led down sides to give lighting to lower leaves
  16. possibly but I have no faith in LEDs unless your using large wattage fixtures, like several hundred watts per square foot.

    you would be better off just using your cfls arranged in a flat even canopy. then training your plants to a mesh screen that is just inch or so away from the lights. keeping them 1 inch from the plants or 6 inches is the difference between success and failure. seriously, it's that big of a difference.
  17. Yeah seems best bet seeing as I read up on cfl for the past how long abd budget won't really stretch to high watt led
  18. yeah LEDs are very expensive. this is why I don't see them as suitable grow lights unless in very particular circumstances

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