Beginner grow, how am I going?

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  1. Hey guys so this is my first grow, I'm growing under LEDS but here is a list on info and I just wanna know how I'm doing? ATM it seems pretty good.

    Median: 4L Perlite, 4L Peats Moss, 20L Soil.
    Light: LED 2X216W.
    Pots: Solo Cups/5 Gal Smart Pots
    Seeds: 2X Bag Seed, 1X THC Bomb, 1X Pineapple Chunk.
    Tent: Yes
    Temps: 21-28 Celcius.
    Humidity: 45%-65%
    PH: 5.9-6.8. at a steady 6.2-6.4 now.
    Fert: Charlie's Carp for Veg, Sulphate Potash Flower
    Watering: Every 2-4 days or whenever they need it. I tend to know by picking them up. They all have a different weight it's crazy.

    Anyways here are the pics let me.know if I missed anything out.

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  2. Also have been in Flowering now for 1.5 weeks.
  3. More pics

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  4. Look really strectched out man.. maybe move the light closer and also you are going to need to SCROG
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  5. Just put the lights closer and just bought a SCROG net off eBay. Thanks heaps for your help.

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