Beginner bagseed grow tips appreciated

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    Hello, i am new to growing so tips would be greatly appreciated. so far this plant is 15 days old and have
    two 40 watt cfl bulbs on em and its growin goood. box says the bulbs are 200w but only uses 40? 
    q1: there are yellowish dots on the bottom fan leaves which are troubling, they are circled in black in the pics below. is this a nute prob, over/under watering, or benign?
    q2: do i need to add more light? 80 watts total enough for veg and flowering? both bulbs are 6500k so can i use these 2 bulbs throughout the whole grow?? im workin on getting another lite fixture cuz i got another 200w/40watt bulb 6500k spectrum of lgiht,, i could also buy 2700k ones i herd they are best for flowering. do they make a hooj difference by switching the bulbs to 2700k which therefore equals more yield/bud?
    q3: how is my plant looking for 2 weeks into veg? 


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    Looks healthy to me, what kind of soil are you using?
    The light you have is enough for veg, but you'll need soft white bulbs for flower. Growers go by the actual wattage of the bulb, the higher number is just a comparison to incandescent bulbs which nobody uses for growing so it's useless.
    Minimum 100w 2700k AKA "soft white" for one plant. See if you can find a 4-pack of 26w bulbs at a hardware store, should be around $12. Yea, it makes a big difference using the right spectrum. Daylight for veg, soft white for flowering.
  3. I'm using miracle grow potting soil. i think that has nutes in it, is tht the prob? if so, enuf nutes for whole grow or just veg? i cud get blooming nutes but not sure if it makes huge diff or not or worth the muny for the extra bud i wud get
  4. Look man gomto you tube and type cheap diy cfl fixture get atleast 6 40 bulbs in their veg do 5 65k bulbs one 27k And in flower switch it around 5 27k bulbs and 1 65k bulb .... al u need is metal duct pipe a couple rods and 3 light fixture and some light bulb splitters u got a 20$ nice cfl fixture with 240 acual watts get it all at homedopt or lowes

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  5. Your plant looks good in healthy the mircale grow does have nutrients that slowly release during the whole grow wich could possibly give u trouble in the long run

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    Depends, if the bag says "feeds for 90 days" then it might get you all the way through to harvest. If that's the case then your plant looks exceptionally well, be happy there isn't more damage.
    Miracle gro also makes a soil called Organic Choice and that one doesn't feed for 90 days. In that case you might start seeing deficiencies real soon.
  7. just checked my plant, noticed some werid colouring on the leaves, there are blotches of a paleish washed out green color mixed with spots of a healthy green color. is this a chlorophyl prob? just a guess. looks werid. will post pics but only seems noticeable irl upclose. looks unhealthy?

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