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  1. :(well im a beginner and i just bought 15 clones from a friend and they r 2 dif strains 1 bluberry and other kringle and he also was growing these in soil and i am goin to grow with hydro ebb and flow system. so he has the clones in rockwool and i transpant them int hydroton 1st 2 days i jus used nutrients for the roots then after 2 days i add 1/4 of nutes called supernatural and ppm was round 850 and so 1 plant has died anand some r wilting and bottom leaves turning yellow so i flushed and replace the reservior and jus used root nutes again now 1 more plant looks like it gonna die wat do i do

  2. Can we see a pic and get more details of your setup? Imo, clones don't need nutes until they are established. :)
  3. how do i kno when they r established and i tried to upload pics but its not working

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