Beginer needs a cheap but effective vape

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by KarrMcDebt, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. The cheaper the better, but something that actualy works. I bought one of those soldering iron bodies with a jar screwed over the top of it. I turned it into a lamp.

    I'm on a fixed income, so there isn't enough leftover to pick up a $100 vaporizer. Probably going to have to collect cans to pay for one.

    I've used volcano's and an NO2 portable. Loved them, still can't justify dropping $100+ on one.

    So what are your recomendations?

  2. VaporGenie
  3. Go on eBay and buy a used Magic flight launch box if your income is tight at the moment. You could probably get one for $60-$70 and not only do they work but they last.
  4. Yeah buy a mflb from eBay. Make sure it has a valid serial number so you can use the lifetime warranty, and you'll be set
  5. I'm thinking of building my own vaporiser. I have a heating element that I ripped out of one of my sister's old hot curling irons. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of how I could make a vape out of this...
  6. No clue dude. Looks like a fire hazard to me.

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