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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by imtheJtrain, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. hello very new to this site...yay...anywaysi know its late especially for chicago but i just planted 4 seeds in my backyard... i know backyard isnt a good place buttt yeah i planted them only july 4th and its chicago so im gonna have to pull them up a little early so i was wondering about how much bud will i get for having the plant 3 months? and by the way its two days past fourth of july and one plant is coming along nicleys with 4 leaves so far, two round and two regular annnd one is just shitty as hell its just a stem with a green ball at the end...however im not positive if its one of the ones i planted cause other stuff grows back there too...anyway yeah i know that question cant be answered exactly but generally ya the way this is my first time growing...and how do i tell if my plant is female or male (i know right now i wont be able to tell but for the future) and what makes female better than male? i hope someone replies to this...
  2. I don't think the plant that's sprouting is the MJ. They usually come up after 3-7 days...not 2. Or maybe you're just really lucky, lol.

    Edit- Oh, didn't see your question with the male and female. Ok, the only way you can tell the diffrence is when they flower, or right before they flower. I forgot, but I'm sure someone can fill you in on it.

    And the diffrence between males and females- You smoke the ladies, not the guys.
  3. all i know is i planted them july 4th about 2:00 i woke up today (july 6th) looked out and saw a plant about a little under a half inch high that looks exactly like the pictures people post on here...but yeah the other one probly isnt.but yeah can anyone answer those questions please???
  4. so i have to wait allll the way till the flowers come to tell if its a fella?and if its a fella i just throw it out?
  5. You can make it into hash if it's a guy, the only reason to toss it is if you have females growing and you don't want them to get seeded.
  6. and exactly what is hash? yes im new to marajuana and stupid
  7. hash is the kief taken from the trimmed leaves at harvestation, that is compressed into hash. It can be done with buds too, but meh. You can make hash by taking your leaves, a bucket, ice cold water, ice, and a blender, mixing it all, blending it for 30 minutes, then pouring your water through a coffee filter, and viola you have hash. Dry it out, and you should be good.
  8. so its kind of like making a margarita...only better :)

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