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begginer questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cielkaney, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. after reading stuff im thinking im gonna go with a pipe; is it a popular road ppl are going on? whats the downside of it? ive only read its not the best to share with friends but im thinking its alright. also would i need it to be heat resistant or any wood one would do?
    oh and i need a grinder? are those ones at 10$ on ebay alright?^

  3. tyvm !
  4. Pipe is a good way to go, get yourself an alright glass one for $20 or so. If you're that new to smoking weed I'd just scissor bust your weed for now. Put your buds in a shot glass or slightly bigger, and just use scissors on it till its finely chopped. Not powder, but not chunks either.
  5. If you're new I'd go with a $1000+ Roor oil rig custom designed by Alex gray and David Garcia

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  6. For a beginner I would recommend joints or a bong personally as I have never liked pipes. There's nothing like smoking a fat classic doobie and is definitely the most easy way to smoke for a beginner, though I rarely smoke them now as I can only get the tiniest bit high from them now. Bong is what I smoke 99% of the time as it never fails to get me high and you need about a quarter of the amount of weed as you would put in a joint to reach the equivalent high.

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  7. Pipes are my favorite method of smoking. Bongs are cool, blunts are eh, jays are great (I smoke jays every day) but there's nothing like smoking a bowl.

    And definitely get a grinder. I'd invest in a nice $40 4 piece grinder , because if you get cheap $10 ones you get what you pay for, and you'll keep dropping 10-20 on a new grinder every few months. So get a nice one and keep it around for a while

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