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  1. hello, im suppose to recieve the seeds i ordered of Maui Wowie very soon. this is my indoor grow box

    Now i want ur opinions in how to operate this box. I was looking into scrog or sog. how can i maximize my yeild with this and how do i do it with cloning, veg chamber and flowering room as with the small 2x1.5 box i have??
  2. getting the seeds any day now :) but i need some help

  3. What exactly do you want to know? Questions asking about the whole growing process won't get many replies.
  4. Do some googling
  5. i did research, i just am just unsure of how to use a sog method, and keep a healthy mother. I bought a small greenhouse to put in the veg chamber. but dont i need to let the clones grow to 12" high befor putting to 12/12??? If this is it i should buy an other green house which will let the plants grow this high? or can i take them out of the green house and place them beside the mother till they reach this high??
  6. Absolutely not. Once a clone is rooted, it can be flowered, pretty much regardless of size. For a good yield, it helps to veg them out a bit first but you don't technically have to. My clones go into flowering at about 8-9" tall after being topped a few times and because it's a heavy strain, yield about 1/4lb each at harvest.

    Putting rooted clones directly into flowering without any real vegging time is known as the Dutch Style Sea of Green technique. With the right strain, it creates "a bud on a stick" with no real branches and few fan leaves.
  7. thanks this helps me a lot. when you say you yeild a 1/4 lb, how man plants do you have?
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    Let me rephrase slightly:

    "My clones each go into flowering at about 8-9" tall after being topped a few times and because it's a heavy strain, yield about 1/4lb each, after drying."

    It's one of the higher yielding sativas that I've encountered. Most strains won't yield as much when grown under the same conditions. I can't take much credit for the yield myself. That goes mostly to the breeder. Any heavy strain trained to have about six main colas at the canopy and grown under very good conditions can produce a similar yield.
  9. I wish i could pull off that much :p cant wait to see how all of this unfolds my seeds arrived to canada theirfor should recieve them soon. I made a grow journal and will post the link as soon as i get the seeds
  10. And thanks for the help, an other question when you top your plants this limits their grow, but when should you top them? when the reach the desired hight or a bit befor and topping means cutting of the top of the main stem right?
  11. Topping doesn't exactly limit growth. Imagine a river in the shape of a tree, with a large primary water channel running through the center and much smaller branches jutting off to either side. If you dam the main water channel somewhere, the force of the flow will push out through all of the side channels that are before the dam, making them much bigger. The same things happens with plants. When you cut off the primary growing shoot at the top, the plant's resources are then used by the side branches, which grow larger. The branches growing from the highest node left on the plant grow the fastest because they are closest to the light. Because these top two branches grow the fastest, topping causes two main stalks at the top instead of the one that you cut off. If you top each of these, they will each grow two more main stalks. Through all of this time, any lower branches keep getting closer to the canopy because they aren't being topped & are free to grow. Between the split caused each time you top a stalk & the lower branches growing taller, the plant can end up with many stalks at canopy level when it goes into flowering.
  12. thanks so im guessing topping my plants will get me a bigger yeild because verticle space is limited
  13. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked before answering all of your questions. Topping means cutting off any growing shoot and it doesn't have to be what's considered the main stem. The first time you top a plant it may have to be, if that's the only shoot large enough to top. When topping just once before flowering, you pretty much do so when the plants are just a hair smaller than the size you want to flower them at. Since you need to wait for the shoots below the cutting point to grow a bit before flowering, you can just top and then flower when the two new shoots reach the height that the main stalk was before cutting. The rest of the plant will grow a little in the meantime, so it'll end up just a little taller than it was.

    Here's a brief c&p I have about how I top:

    I top my plants, leaving two nodes on each. Each node has two growing shoots. The two shoots on the top node grow fastest since they're closest to the light. Once these two have a node on them, we top both, leaving that node on each. There are now four growing shoots on the top of the plant. By the time these four get growing, the two shoots growing from the very bottom node of the plant reach canopy level, provided they received enough light. The plants go into flowering with six stalks that will each form a cola.
  14. Thanks you very much for the information. This is very helpful, i just got the seeds today so i will germinate later today and find the right soil for this weekend

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