begginer growing through sunlight

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dankums, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. so i just got a free clone(skywalker OG) from the club as a new patient
    i want to grow using just sunlight no lights or anything is this possible jus put it out on my window
    if so what soil and nutrients should i use
    im in california socal that is
    how long would it take for the plant to finish
  2. Yes, it can work. It won't produce stellar results, just due to the fact that It's almost October as it is.

    You'd be better off buying $20 worth of CFLs and doing it that way.

    Soil is preference. The hugely common soil here is Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Nutrients... you can use whatever you want. I'd suggest to you to use organic nutrients so you don't toast your plants.

    I don't know how long it'll take since you're starting in the incorrect season.

    Hey, go read the stickies.
  3. thanks man i appreciate the reply
    i would but i cant still living with my mom just turned 18 3 days ago haha
    not looking for the best results im jus gonna do it and see how it goes ill get those soils you suggested
  4. Ur gonna end up with a male or a poorly grown bomb ass strain man like the dude said Ur better off growing it in Ur closet u got Ur mmj card just tell Ur mom its cheaper then buying it
  5. Window grows suck. First windows block alot of spectrum. They have all sorts of coatings to block heat, stop yellowing of fabric etc.

    2nd Windows suck majorly since you have limited sunlight. MJ can grow in 24 hour light. Your better off getting some CFLs..which are dirt cheap.

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