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  1. check this out before and after shots a few hours apart sprayed with CO2 :D

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  2. How much was ur co2 set up ?
  3. spray bottle and soda water
  4. spray bottle and soda water???

    i dont get it.

    can you explain?
  5. simple spray bottle (bug b gone windex) and soda water (club soda stelzer) carbonation is co2 the plants absorb it and grow faster make sure the bottle is clean
  6. I'll have to try that
  7. me too. so its that easy .

    just pour and spray on leaves?

    do you know how much c02 it delivers?
  8. not sure about ppm but im sure its a lot plant respond very well i turn fan off and spray early and often
  9. I don't get it ?

    Spray bottle and Soda water?

    Do you mix it or what :T?

    Btw; it looks really wonderful !
  10. what about if im in the flowering stage? is there a risk for mold.

    how many sprays or pumps do you dish out you to your plants?
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    dont add anything just pour and spray and thanks been in hydro for 3 weeks

    not sure about flower most water is evaporated or absorbed might just spray less but more often like two or three sprays each side i lay mine on pretty heavy thats why leaves were drooping about 5-10 sprays each side until leaves are fully saturated spray to the side of leaves co2 is absorbed under the leaf be careful when plants are young can cause plants to fall over (just stake them with something)
  12. Don't ever spray your plants with anything during flowering. I've heard of people using this is a foliar spray during veg, and even to water with, but I haven't tried it myself.
  13. Do you mix the windex and Soda water together and then spray or just the soda water?
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    U need to read that bro he's describing a spray bottle to use bro u never put winded or bug b gone on ur plant bro really ?
  15. Yeah, i just figure. He was using the Windex spray bottle lol. Sorry about that because i was confused and say why the heck is he gonna spray windex but thanks for the help on this . He just used soda water and put it in the Windex spray bottle and sprayed his plants !
  16. I have used this method with poor results. When foliar feeding it left a chalky film on the plant that I did not care for. Not doubting the OP's results just stating my results.

    Have a great day!

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