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  1. I just got up with the worst hangover after a night of drinkin. It was weird cuz I get horrible pains in my arm muscles. I am not sure if this is due to the toxins in beer or what cuz it only happens when I drink. Anyway to keep this marajuana related I just want to say that weed is so much better that beer...I mean it doesn't even compare. I hate hangovers and with weed I never get anything like a hangover. Also I am bout to pick up a half O and my friend informed me that he was pickin up some coke. What I wanna know is as a first timer to coke should I be worried about it seeing as I am abit overweight. Or should I just stop bein a bitch and go for it?
  2. does your friend do coke alot? If so he can tell you how cut it is then you can base it off of that. I cant say exactly how much to do but if it is your first time I would not do alot. You would rather not do enogh then way to much and have a heartattak.

    I weigh 150 and do about a gram in a night. But thats me
  3. woah, i would only suggest doing coke if you wanna ruin your life :) that shit is messed up man, i have a couple buddies who were just like you...first timers...and hit that shit a couple times and got hooked on it..and bang, life is ruined. i wouldnt do that shit period...overweight or not...but then again, thats just my two sense..stick with the good green shit thats addiction free :)

  4. I do know people who do coke in moderation, they exist and are often functional... I know way more people who are really addicted to coke after doing it once, spend everything on it, and hardly smoke weed anymore... Do what you want, but is it worth it to find out?

    Pure ganja is the way to be :D

    I don't mean to preach, your body your choice, but I've seen bad things come from coke, and I hate to see a life wasted.
  5. The title is beer but the thread is about cocaine wtf lol

    beer ftw! :D
  6. haha i noticed that too...anyways i have to rep beer... and cocaine, because they are definitely numeros dos and tres respectively on my short list of drugs that i do on a somewhat regular basis...i mean beer is awesome that much is obvious and so many different kinds im a corona drinker but usually cant afford it damn u for being so pricey so i drink bud light usually and hard liqour damn even better i love tequila...

    but i mean anybody that gives white a bad name probably haven't done it and it's a great drug for sure again pricey so I cannot do it often maybe a couple weekends out of the month im not a dumbass waste of life either and what do you know neither are most cocaine users, trust me. in fact cocaine, being a stimulant and a strong one at that, actually can make you function on a whole other level lol... no but seriously i mean i know a lot of athletes and intellectuals use it before they compete ya know cuz it is kind of performance enhancing in a way mentally and physically you can do so much under the influence of coke it's really fun too...but beware of it bc you can lose everything just because of cocaine i know that group of cocaine users also they cant function without the drug and will do anything for more cocaine they don't have good relationships they let cocaine eff up their's pretty easy to stay out of this category however: cocaine IS NOT physically addictive "Though the immediate craving to do more cocaine is strong and very common, this feeling usually subsides in most users within an hour of the last dosage. This craving can, as it has in many users, develop rather quickly into an intense psychological addiction." (wikipedia)
  7. +rep for sticking up for beer and especially corona, just got wasted the other night drinking corona, plus no hangover:hello:.
  8. I love beer and I love it even more when I am high.

    But about those hangovers...just take a few hits before going to bed and you are fine... marijuana is the best cure.
  9. Haha my muscles and random parts of my body generally hurt the next day too.. but that's because I fall over and run into walls a lot ;\
  10. I was not intending to diss beer and I would imagine with all my beer drinking friends that I will continue to drink for a long while...but I can't deny that weed is on a completly diffenent level of greatness. I love hard liquor which sucks cuz my friends don't drink it.(not quite 21 yet so I drink what they get) Anyway on the topic of coke...I have only been addicted to one thing and thats caffene but that took many years of drinking pop so I think I will be fine. And even if I did get addicted it wouldn't matter cuz I wouldn't have the funds to support it, I can barely afford weed. But I would say that my will power is pretty strong. All I was asking is if I do it will my heart start beating really fast or what?
  11. i have done coke 5 or 6 times. i've spaced it out 2 months in between each time i do it.

    it's great. one night of fun, then i don't even think about it for a few months. then the opportunity comes around again and i take it.

    though i haven't done a lot of drugs, i would really like to try a few others.

    moderation is key. the only thing i use in excess is bud. and i can't help that.
  12. coke is fine in moderation but that stuff can get you hooked without you even knowing it
  13. ^^^

    i forgot to say how addicting it was though...

    i can see exactly how some people can just do anything to get that though. even though i only do it once, i can still feel my body craving it after wards.

    a bowl usually fixes that craving though.
  14. ive seen one of my friends transition from drugless to coke head. she has tried to kill herself because she couldnt find anybody who could get her coke. its not good. id stay away from it
  15. Beer sucks but I'm drunk on it rigjt now.
  16. i can't beleive you guys are comparing beer and marijuana. thats like comparing pussy and food. beer and marijuana is both the shit, do both at once, i never need any other drug because combining these two can get you in so many different high related perspectives on life, happy ones, and ones that arn't leaving you with tooth rot, or the 'tweak' look.

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