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  1. how many beers do you usually drink if youre like at a party or whatever? i usually cant drink more than 3 beers because it just fills uo my stomach too quick and i cant drink anymore of anything after that. thats why i like liquor. but last night i somehow managed to drink 9 Busch's, 4 bud lights and then funneled my 14th and 15th beers..............too much beer. lol. i'm just going to stick with liquor i think haha. but at least i didnt get sick.

    so you?
  2. 0. Beer taste like piss.
  3. no it doesnt. you must be drinking some shitty ass beer man.
  4. 8-12 cold shots later and 2 pre rolled fatties I'm good to go.. :D


  5. shots or beers? lol
  6. I usually relax with beer and get drunk off of malt liquor or vodka. So I guess I usually drink 2, 3 beers. If I'm at a party, and there isn't anything else, I will drink 10, 12 beers

  7. These bad boys. :D


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  8. havent drank since last january when i had 12 beers but before id usually have 6-8 and be good
  9. i just cracked open my 4th :p i dont think i'm going to try for 15 again though lol
  10. If I am smoking...Which is ALWAYS, I sip my beers. I will have 2 or 3 during the course of an entire evening, or 1-2 glasses of wine.

    If I am at a wine tasting, or an event I know I am going to consume alcohol because it is smooth and tasty, I won't smoke during the evening. It is a lesson I have had to learn the hard way...More than once. I think I got it now. :)
    It's all about monitoring your intake, knowing your limits, and balancing the two so you don't get too messed up or sick.
  11. drink better beer. look for something over 7% abv. if you really want to get blackout drunk, drink a 6 pack of a triple.
  12. i was just drinking what was at the party lol. played a shit load of beer ball and pong/
  13. I use beer to maintain. Don't like to get drunk off it. It takes a while and I have to piss like a race horse.

    Picked up some Guinness for St Patricks day. Worth it.

  14. only if you have a fleshy vagina.
  15. depends but its usually between 5-15
  16. bumpity bump. we need a beer thread dammiy.
  17. There's a great beer thread in Pandora's Box.

    That being said, how much I can drink really depends on the beer and the occasion. There's a big difference between a 5% abv beer and an 8% one.
  18. im starting to drink beer a lot now that i am 21. ive had 4 beers tonight and about 3 shots of captin tattoo so i am feelin purty good and watchin titanic
  19. ill usually drink 10 if im trying to party, if im blazing a lot of blunts that night this is the number i stick too. Otherwise its all up to how long im up for, ill take a 6pack of stellas if im just looking to hang in for the night
  20. 9-15 a night (5%). I'd like to cut it down but it's at least 9 a night.

    I stopped drinking liquor it became way too easy for me to drink way too much.

    Alcohols fine and all if you can use it in moderation. I'm not one of those people.

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