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Beer+ Weed= No More Anxiety?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HdStoner, May 30, 2013.

  1.  So I had cut down on smoking weed drastically beacuse all of a sudden it started giving me severe anxiouness , dizziness , numbness , and like this constricting feeling in my lungs.(I do suffer from anxiety but weed had helped me for so long.) So i reduced myself to a 1- 3 baby hits from a sneak a toke and even then it was 50/50 and if even the anxiousness didnt settle in, the high still wasn't as pleasent as it once was.
     Well this memorial day I was bbqing with some friends and had drank two really nice pints of belgian beers, was pretty tipsy. My friends started rolling a huge blunt with thc wax dribbled and smeared inside the paper as well. From all the posts I've read most think its a bad idea to drink and then smoke but after that beer i was able to smoke that blunt + another with no feelings of nervousness or anxiety , at all! it was like heaven again.
    Anyways repeated this by myself today and yesterday with two cheap 12 oz cans of pbr and sure enough I felt no paranoia weird feelings or anything. Now I don't really drink all that much but I do enjoy beer and two beers a day is doable and prob healthy anyways so im going to start doing this before i smoke weed(Only smoke at the end of the day after work anyways) I just want to know why this is so?

  2. Alcohol puts you back to earth, Weed takes you away. 
  3. Alcohol usually over powers the weed high, plus Alcohol is a depressant which I guess could lead to anxiety depending on the person. 
  4. Little boy blue come drink your beer,                                        
    Asleep in the meadow, after too much cheer.                          
    Where is the little boy that looks after the beer?                          
    Passed out under a haystack, hung over it would appear.

    Georgy Porgy, jerky and beer,
    kissed the dog and licked his ear.
    When Georgy Porgy woke up the next day,
    he saw what he slept with, and ran away.

    Jack be tipsy, Jack be drunk, Jack tried to jump over a candlestick. He slipped and fell
    on his arm and now it's broken and in a cast. It itches real bad too. It's hard to even
    drive a car now, not to mention, lift a glass. He burned his leg on the way over the
    candlestick too. Boy, did that hurt. He also fell on the cat when he landed, and killed it.
    Remember all this crap the next time you get an urge to jump over a candlestick after
    you've been drinking. Maybe you'll think twice and keep your ass on the barstool where
    it belongs. The only reason to get up should be to go to the restroom. STAY AWAY
    from those damn candlesticks.

  5. Seems like Jack drunk a little bit too much.
  6. #6 Old School Smoker, May 30, 2013
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    I cannot for the life of me drink and smoke without puking and passing out. The two together just kick my ass every time. It's either 1 or the other. I prefer weed.
  7.  Complete opposite for me . My body loves it . That's why I thought  it was strange . Not only is it relaxing and enjoyable for me but I like it more than stand alone beeer or stand alone weed.
  8. Sick of beer. Fucking hate it! Don't like being around drunk people anymore. It only causes Shit. So don't use that as a way to help with anxiety. Like do what you want. But don't get drunk. Don't have more then three a day. Have like two a week! That's not that hard. And just smoke week to not feel anxiety. That's the way to go

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  9. Woah bro I think you need to spark up yourself. I have no stigma against beer and I don't drink to get drunk sooo please chill.

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