Beer These Days.

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  1. They're getting stupid.
    Coor's with the bars that turn blue when the beer is cold bullshit. i think if you touch it, you're gonna know if it's fucking cold.
    and Miller with the swirly bottle neck crap. what the fuck does that even do?
    and mixing beer with lemonade.

    Like, what the fuck
  2. Meh, beer is just what my lesser skilled opponents are forced to drink when I cause em to troll with my pro BP skeelz.
  3. beer makes my eye twitch. but anyway, i think the i.d. bottles where you can scratch your name in it or whatever is so dumb. it doesnt work.

  4. Mikes hard lemonade is actually pretty good. Only time I really drink beer is during BP or if I just really want a cold one. Other then that I drink hard liquor.
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    weird, i was watchin a stand up guy waaay earlier today and he was talking about the same thing, lol. I agree.... give the fridge inventor props........ not cans that tell you their cold turnin colors.

    aint seen the swirly top...... sounds harder to chug, fuck that.

    and beer with lemonade? Idk about that..... I hate sweet beer. sometimes mike hard is aiighht. only like 2 though.

    been drinkin liquor tonight though =O

    lol jus saw the post about the ones where you can write on. that IS the stupidest thing ever.
  6. I'm in the middle east and there beer is the shit.

    Nothing is under 5%. And is taste amazing.

    Except for this 13% beer I tried, it made my lip quiver with ever sip I took.

    And they sell them in monster size cans.
  7. :laughing:

    Op is right i coors blue bars take FOREVER and the beer is colder before that...

    hah i had not heard of the twist neck lol
  8. The market has devised these things to convince people to buy their products over others, even though there isn't a huge difference or not enough of a difference between the two already. This new thing is called a gimmick, I've heard

    take shots
  9. ^


  10. Woo don't get me started about how fucked up I've been off moonshine.
  11. The big companies are trying to come up with gimmicks to make up for lack of taste.

    More and more people are drinking micro and craft brews these days and the big guys are feeling it.

  12. Mikes Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice both have a higher alcohol percentage than most varieties of Guinness. ;)

    Saying Mikes is for "pussies that can't take the taste of the already watered down beers" is as silly as saying "beer is for pussies that can't take the taste of alcoholic lemonade".

    They're two completely different drinks. Why compare apples to oranges? :p

    But yeah, I agree those color changing labels are ridiculous. I think the major beer companies are getting nervous with the rising popularity of microbrews. :smoking:
  13. Yea the main stream light beers are all terrible. I actually don't mind simple Budweiser or like a Labatt/Molson but yea light beer is shit.
  14. i was never a big beer drinker but every one i knows drinks bud light, bl lime, coors, or Michelob light. so i havent really tried many. i was playing poker at a bar one night and as soon as the bar tender opended the tap of this one beer all you could smell was blueberrys and wanted to try it but i am under age (20) ill be 21 on the 20th. but i have always liked captain and yager. i cant do yager bombs tho the red bull hurts my teeth.
  15. Fuck beer. I prefer not to have squirty shits & cottonmouth bad enough to kill a small animal the next morning. Not to mention the ridiculous number of times one must piss while getting drunk from beers.
  16. that's why i just stick with heineken. they never change on me -- always the same loyal, beautiful green bottle with the same never changing great refreshing taste. i would go to holland just for the heineken museum. :love:
  17. malt liquor ftw
  18. I'll stick with my ghetto Miller High Life's 32oz's haah.
  19. They have a heineken museum? Epic. And yeah, with you 100% on that one. Heineken and Stella Artois, fine, simple beers, can't go wrong.
  20. Drink a real beer :p

    Yuengling, Magic Hat no. 9, Harp, Guinness, Sam Adams, Newcastle, Lionshead, Moosehead, Leinenkugel, Dogfishhead, Blue Moon/Shock Top, Killians, Foster's..... etc.

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