Been working on this android app for 18months - be brutal :)

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by dumbledown, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. So here's an android app for when you're bored, have time to kill and need a little stimulation...
    See an image - if you like it swipe up, if not swipe down.

    Compare your voting with a friend to see how similar you are - oh you're a 67% match with Piers Morgan. $hit, I didn't realise I was that much of a tool...

    Please download and give it to me - I want to make this work :)
  2. Why doesn't the app come up when I Google it, or Android or iPhone app store? I'm not much for random downloads without proof their legitimate. Good way to get your shit fkd up with all the scammers and hackers out there
  3. Understand about security, but you can access through Google Play. Also got a shitty website (

    It's because it's got about 5 users that it doesn't come up - if you search in google play with speech marks, so "imagehit" it appears for some reason.

    That's what the google chat told me anyway
  4. You said brutal so ok....tgat was the dumbest shit I've ever downloaded. No images comes up, just keeps telling me to swipe....swipe and it takes me to the next blank screen. Plus nobody is on it to utilize the comparison feature. Sorry bro
  5. No problem - thanks
    Think you're still stuck on the walkthrough. Give it a few more swipes :)
  6. Sorry man Instagram already exists
  7. Do you use instagram? if so, what do you use it for out of interest?

    Thanks for looking though :)
  8. I liked it, seen a typo somewhere, good time killer! It will definitely need a face lift after a few thousand downloads though, if your that lucky lol.

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  9. Thanks Ranger4x4
    where's the typo? and what would make you more likely to use it?
  10. Don't remember where I seen the typo. I think it should have an in-between, like you don't not like the pic, maybe left or right for "neutral".

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  11. Sounds like a rip off of tinder but you don't get laid after liking the pictures..

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