Been trying to fuck my best friends sister.

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  1. Alright first off I blatantly hit on her all the time haha. Pisses my friend off all the time. Been passing signs to her all the time, Anyways she basically texted me out of the blue today asking to hang out Sunday. So after a texting for a few I just threw it out there she is just hot as fuck and has a great body....

    So then here comes a text I was not expecting. She says "Do you wanna fuck me then?".. Im Like if your down I am and she agrees. She said sunday to come over to smoke and fuck. So damn blades Im going for it don't care what anyone says, But I would hate for my friend to find out I don't think we could be friends anymore. Shes 22 and Im 18 forgot to add that haha.

    So damn Im pretty excited.:hello::hello::hello::hello:
  2. i bet it was actually your friend texting you from his sisters phone :p

  3. hahaha I would be a very pissed off stoner.
  4. You like 'dem older women, eh OP?
  5. Good for you, I hope you know what your doing.
  6. Lol! I like your location "fenix 420"

    >"Be safe"< OP;)
  7. Pics or get the kush out
  8. Kush is in *MEE*

    She is probably going to break your dick off and make you prematurely ejaculate.
  9. chick im trying to fuck.jpeg

    Heres a pic I got off her facebook..
  10. Destroy. That. Vagina.
  11. Smash the fuck out of her dude. Haha
  12. This or /thread.
  13. Do what you must to bust.:smoke:
  14. I foresee many "WTF BRO" 's in your future.
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  16. Hahahahhah!

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