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Been Smoking For Almost Four Years And Cannot Conquer Rolling Blunt..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WoodHouse, May 24, 2013.

  1.  It's been the one thing I can't do in weed. I can macgyver any other smoking device when needed or break out the bowl but I just cannot roll a blunt. I've tried and tried and can't get it. It's my favorite way to smoke too so I'd love some tips.
    I can split/unroll it fine and empty out the tobacco.
    I can crease it fine.
    I start to tuck it in and it just goes nowhere. I end up just fucking up the paper because I keep trying to roll and tuck it and nothing happens.
    For the love of god are there any tips/tricks for this? I'd love to roll a blunt and not have to worry about carry paraphernalia and extra  weed on me all the time.

  2. I learned from youtube videos and watching other people. If you really can't then just don't roll blunts. :confused_2:
  3. Easier to watch really than have someone try to explain it to you. The first time I tried, I didn't try & it was probably the best blunt I ever rolled. Since then, I still don't try and I'm the best blunt roller in all of the land [: at least my land, lol.
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    I'm going to join the "can't roll" club too. Glass from the start (5 years ago)
    for me. I'll smoke joints/blunts if they're around, but I do not prefer it.  So never had incentive to learn.
    Even if I was desperate and without glass, I know it wouldn't be hard for me to find a convenient store with some $7 glass pipes.
    And, for the record, I've probably smoked 4 blunts ever. No joke.
  5. Learn to table roll a blunt first. Then take it from there.
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    Double post? please forgive me. I'm stoned as fuck.
    I want to smoke a blunt in your land   :smoke:   :smoking:
  8. I'm with DSC, blunts aren't even that much of a staple thing to know. If you're with a group of friends it shouldn't matter because I'm sure one of them can roll and if you're alone a blunt is a waste. Glass all the way, and if you really want to smoke something like that joints are always an option.
  9. ...or just learn blunts because after enough trial and error you will definitely learn how to roll blunts. There're pretty awesome, but I don't like to smoke them all the time.
  10. Come on over [:
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    Have you tried ruling joints yet?

    Um its not the easiest to teach, its mainly about you getting the tuck, also could depend what side you roll from, try switching the sides up and even try tucking in the middlelike you would a joint. also use different amounts of weed. Try using Game blunts, made by garcia y vega and found them to be the easiest to tuck and roll.

    But ether biggest tip is practice practice practice.

    Ima blunt freak.
  12. dont buy the pre-rolled blunts... get the blunt wraps.. just the blunt paper, that still have fresh adhesive on them.... tuck and stick much better, and cheaper...
  13. n slobba on the sucka then run your lit BIC along it real fast... nice n toasty blunt fo 2.
  14. Try different kinds of blunt wraps. I can roll with Games easily, any other kind I'm not good.
  15. It could be that your Roach is too fat. That's the problem I had so it wouldn't tuck like you said
    Try making the Roach skinnier
  16. problem is your trying to conquer it. no blunt wants to be conquered. you gotta make sweet love to it man
    roll a J, get baked, then roll a blunt
  17. ive been smoking for almost 4 years and can't roll anything smokable so don't feel bad. If i ever start smoking again thats one of ther first things on my list to figure out though
    And also taste like shit, and have the most chemicals in them.
  19. i used to smoke nothing but blunts when i lived at home and couldnt keep glass.  got real good at it too.  for the most part, it's all about practice, just like any other skill people envy.
    just buy a pack of swishers and start rolling up tobacco.  also let your thumb nail on the hand you tuck the paper with get a bit long, makes life a lot easier.
    oh, and that reminds me, brand makes a difference.  white owls and swishers are my favorite since they split real easy and the leaf doesnt fall off.  however if i'm feeling fancy i'll buy a game or dutch, deleaf, and roll it up for an extra nice, slow burning blunt.

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