Been reading/researching for weeks, still can't decide. Little help?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by chlowe11, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. I know there are hundreds of posts asking about which lights are best, what will give me the most bud, blah blah blah.... But after reading so many threads and reading through grow logs and and researching lighting, i'm still undecided.. I apologize in advance for asking, but after I describe my setup I would greatly appreciate some input as to what lights you would go with and why....

    I'm going to do a stealth grow, in a cabinet. Cabinet will be at least 60 in tall, I will be growing using 2 home made bubblers and I want to grow 4 (2 in each) plants inside of this cabinet utilizing as much space as possible... I plan on doing a ScrOG grow. I will be able to vent the cabinet, and am going to use a carbon filter to help remove the smell of the exhaust fans. Of course I was the highest yield possible, but I also know that will take several grows, trial and error, and much more reading to get the highest possible yields from any set-up.

    Now the real question... what lighting choice/wattage would give 4 plants in in a cabinet the most optimum conditions?

    I love LED lighting and plan on switching or creating my own once the price for quality LED rigs drops a bit. But as of now the pricing is just a little out of my range.

    Basically its down to T5 lighting or HPS/MH.

    I have found a 1000w hps hydrofarm ballast and with xtrasun ac cooled tempered glass hood this light on craigslist for $180 that said it was used for one month and placed in storage last year.

    For the same price that same person has a 600w cooltube with electronic ballast from power king mh and hps swithable ballast.

    Price with the HPS/MH isn't really an issue, I just want to make sure that I have the optimal lighting for 4 plants in a ScrOG Stealth Cabinet... Is 1000w too much for 4 plants? I could always grow more than 4, but stealth is the name of the game.

    Or would T5 lighting be much more appropriate for this? I know it's cooler/costs less to run and have no problem with going that route..

    Any input is greatly appreciated! Happy Tokes!
  2. I've never used a tent, so my opinion is solely on lighting. 600w is the most efficient HID you can use when you consider lumen's, heat and distance from canopy. a 600w covers about 3x3-4x4. so depending on the size of your tent and ability to move heat from the lights the choice is yours. 1000w get a lot hotter and usually means you have to keep it higher off the canopy decreasing the lumen the plant receives...
  3. Thanks diego! After reading some more and following a couple more grow journals i'm starting to think that going with a 600W HPS/MH is the best move.
  4. Yeah I'd go with a 600 for efficiency. 1000 watt is significantly hotter. What is the length and width of the grow space.
  5. Still looking for an appropriate grow cabinet to modify, hopefully it'll be around 40 in wide, 60 inches tall, and atleast 20 in in depth.

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