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Been dry for a week...going crazy...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by moviescene, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. My contact has gone cold turkey, I hope they are ok, but in the meantime I don't have anyone, or any trees.

    How long have you all gone without some bud besides T breaks? How did you find your dealer?
  2. Just got done being on a 6 week break.
    Things do change, and you will realize how good life can be sober.
  3. Grow a pair and suck it up its just weed lol
  4. I've gone a few days without being able to get any, but the trick is to give up on the herb and forget about it... then appreciate it when it comes back around.

    give you some time to save up some cash
  5. I dont get how people have trouble finding connects. People hit me up trying to sell me weed.

    Some guy in the courtyard the other day just came up to me and was like "yo, you smoke weed? i got some."

    Maybe it was the bob marley shirt, longish hair, flip flops, hemp and legalize bracelet i was wearing that tipped him off though...:smoke:
  6. wait it out or just find a new dude. Ive gone about two years because it wasn't something I was interested in at the time then I started again and went about 3 years smoking then took about 7 months off now im about 4 or 5 months in again and it feels goooooood.
  7. months, years, weeks. i dont stress bout sticking to a schedule. if i cant find weed so be it, if i can great. being sober can be a blast too
  8. its not the end of the world man. just think that your gonna end up smoking eventually
    all of the herb has not dissapeared, chill back and take it as a benefit to your smoking lifestyle, tolerence breaks are awesome when you come back

  9. 19 years... the worst 19 years of my life... the only 19 years of my life... my life got drastically better when i started smoking so now i hate not having any weed. for the first time in my life i can wake up refreshed so when i dont have any my life is just shit again...
  10. the first week is always the worst... you'll get used to it

  11. This is the truth. Just try and keep yourself busy with something to keep your mind off bud

  12. am really surprised with the comments .... ppl who dont mind cut-offs rock !!!
    i have the same problem right now ... but am acting way different i understand how that after getting sober for a while will improve the image u had about "being sober" b4 but its in no way comparable to being high .... i miss u MaryJane :smoke:
  13. I have been on and off from weed with a breeze for personal reasons and I never see the difficult part about it.
  14. I only go crazy if I have money and can't get bud! If I don't have money then I kno I can't get it and its fine but when I have money and can't get ahold of anyone or everyone is dry ill be pissed!
  15. I've been dry for 4 days now, so I know how you feel. What I think helps is just doing something you enjoy to take your mind off of weed. Discover a new hobby or pick up a musical instrument. I like to play guitar and skateboard to get my mind off of it :wave:
  16. after 2 weeks you will look back and feel like a pussy!
  17. [quote name='"headie shot"']after 2 weeks you will look back and feel like a pussy![/quote]

    Haha it's funny because it's true
  18. Well I guess I over exaggerated a bit in my title, I just wish I had a reliable source to get some from. And I live my life just fine with or without trees thank you very much.

  19. If your life is shit without weed, your life is certainly shit with weed.

    People like this need to grow up.
  20. been two weeks since I have been able to get some, not a big deal. Would LOVE to have some asap, but until that time comes, my xbox is good company

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