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Been driving on a suspended license for a year..

Discussion in 'General' started by I Grow Dro, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. I didn't even know man..

    I got a OUI back in may of 2011..

    And I got pulled over today for an unsafe turn.. Cause I went over the line...

    Well I didn't know that I had an OUI.. I wasn't served any letters from the DMV and wasnt informed by the officers issuing my ticket that faithful night..

    I also wasn't informed when I paid the ticket at the courthouse.

    Now. To add to the mystery.

    I got pulled over in June of 2011. I had drank 3 beers over a period of 5 hours.

    I was the designated driver.

    The guy In the passenger seat had a empty bottle in his jacket pocket the cops immediately noticed. Ill save you the details but..

    The cops. Ended up driving me (18) in the front seat of the cop car. And the other cop drove my friends.. One 18.. Two 17.. To my friends house..

    Well I was handed a ticket and informed I was being ticketed for possession of alcohol.

    So I was like sweet..

    Waited till last minute and paid the ticket and that's it.

    No court. No nothing.

    6 months later I tried to buy my own insurance and was informed I had an OUI on my record...

    So I was like whatever. Sucks. I'll live.

    In AUGUST I was pulled over for speeding. MONTHS after the OUI and wasn't informed I was on a suspended license. Was given my ticket and went on my Marry way..

    Well now I get pulled over for this turn and I have a suspended license?

    I'm so confused man.. I just wanna Pay my tickets and do my time but all the bullshit isn't helping. Fuck.
  2. What the heck is an OUI?
  3. Been there done that my man, sucks when you have no clue and they say its suspended and than proceed to tow your car ! But ya contact te DMV and see what needs to be done
  4. Operating Under the Influence. Lol

    Like the same thing as DUI..

    The cops way of trolling.
  5. I had an angel of a cop.

    She's like. Figure out what's going on with your license.

    I'm not gunna mark you as driving on a suspended license.

    And contest this ticket in court. I wont show.

    But the whole situation was like.. Really?
  6. oooooooh! okay. I feel dumb now.
    I don't know what to say to you other than - Don't drive while you're drunk. :confused_2:
    A close friend of mine died in a car accident last year going 65 on a country road. She was totally off her rocker at the time, and I always said to my other friends "She's going to end up getting killed in a car accident" From that day on I vowed to never drive while intoxicated. Wether it be weed, alcohol, or unmentionables. It's really not worth the risk. Please be careful. :eek:
  7. Ive driven drunk 4 times in my life.

    Pulled over drunk twice.

    Never for my driving.

    Ill never drive drunk again my entire life.
  8. But you just said in your first post that you were pulled over for swerving into another lane?

  9. No TODAY. Sober. I was in an inside left hand lane and switched to the outside turn lane in the intersection.

    Cop saw and pulled me over and told me my shit was suspended.
  10. [quote name='"I Grow Dro"']

    I had an angel of a cop.

    She's like. Figure out what's going on with your license.

    I'm not gunna mark you as driving on a suspended license.

    And contest this ticket in court. I wont show.

    But the whole situation was like.. Really?[/quote]

    Damn you got super lucky than bro!! Good to hear tho now just get it figured out, mine was for a $20 fine to DMV I did not pay after I paid my tickets and such
  11. You seem to get pulled over a lot. Ive been driving 11 years and only been pulled over once cuz my break light was out.
  12. #12 I Grow Dro, Jun 7, 2012
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    I have a.. Pretty bad.. Driving record lol

    It's been getting better. Went a year and only got one speeding ticket lol but my license was suspended.

    Ive only had my license for a couple years to. Got it when I was 18

    My current record:

    2 speeding tickets

    1 OUI

    4 Parking tickets but those were during provisional for parking on campus w/out a pass

    Out of date tags once..

    Idk. Feel like I'm forgetting shit..

    1 Unsafe Left Turn today..

  13. "You can do your thing, shawty, it’s okay to floss
    But it’s still one rule, player don’t get caught
    ‘Cause everythin' you gain, dog and everythin' you lost
    But it’s still one rule, pimpin’ don’t get caught"

  14. You need to do the DUI class.... Call DMV affirmative actions and find out what you have to do to get your license ......

    Don't drive in hot areas where there are cops or known checkpoints
  15. UPDATE

    Just talked to the DMV this morning.. (Been busy as fuck with work)

    and the lady said ive had a suspended license well over 6 months longer than i needed to :eek:

    Da Fuq!?!?

    I seriously wanted to blow up in her face like WHAT THE FUCK MAN I wouldve dealt with this if SOMEBODY had told me ANYTHING or mailed me something... fuck..

    But naw..

    Now i gotta talk to the insurance company get some form and pay $100 and im legal again YAY!


    The ultimate ownage..

    The lady cop took my Driver License.. and i dont have a Cali ID.. So i cant buy bud from the dispensaries until i get my new License in the mail :cry:

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