Been a Crokodyle... while.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Mar 22, 2002.


    been a couple of months since i was last here. AND SOOOOOOOOO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!!! GANJA CAT!!! Im so sorry i missed the going away de bash (excuse: im poor and sick) ... and so much more. Hows the dam? :D I've been trying to get my bizniz off the ground (well... I'm trying to get paid for the stuff i've been doing for years anyway), and will be uploaded soon.... aaaaaaand ...

    did anyone buy issue 37 of weed world? :D check what it says on the bottom left of the front cover ;) WOOHOO! International artist here!!! best not let it get to my head though.

    I look forward to reading all that I have missed.... Any new blades around? hmmm.... I've been out of the grasscity sun for too long .... i'm all pale tall and skinny.... everyone else seems to be alot more green than me, i thi..... *hmmm this solid is pretty good*

    *gurggle gurggle*

    em ... what was I saying? Lamberth.... yeah yeah ... we all know that it works even with everyone going there to have a smoke from neighbouring areas.... GET THE WHOLE GAWDAMN CUNTRY LIKE DAT!!!! Ja wise. Blair crazy.

  2. tho i did not get issue 37 of weed world, OMG! internatinal artist......someone should have a very large head :D congratulations!
    an welcome back
  3. welcome back.... and congrats!!!
  4. Kool to see you back, I read high times generally anc cannabis culture, never read weed world. I went to the website. =)

    ick(youve been tokin right)
  5. had a few joints and deflated my head. I Didn't expect em to put it on the front cover!!!! lol.

    can someone tell me if has loaded properly for them.

    it has been 2 years since i last uploaded ANY website info.

    ... i bet no-one knows what i'm going on about they think im mad ill show them they wont get me no sir i wont let it happen ill get the munchies before then. :D :p
  6. I got into it the second time i tried and everything seems to be working right. Lookin good =)
  7. thnx guys

    anyone been to the guesbook?

    Do all the pictures load up in the gallery?
    (doubt it)

    Thinking of making them all lower quality to increase download times.

    I'm gonna be sellin them posters, I was thinking of having a special club for the best customers and friends. 1 Joint with every 2 posters bought by a club member... only thinking that mind... i don't think that one would sit well with the authorities. [*o*]

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