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  1. Whas beef, Beefs when i see you, Your guranteed to be in ICU.

    People dumb, People fer real.

    Last night i was gettin drunk as fuck.

    Got a call from home girl kandi, Says homie ray said some shit how i hit him, And now i got a crew of *****s wantin to jump me.


    This how shit went down.

    I showed up at this dudes crib right, With a couple homies. We all homies, 5 pepople there includin me. And dude ray comes off with some shit, Jus some dumb disrespectful shit. I slapped him fuckin around right, He socked me fuckin around right. Soon as he hit me two of my boys jumped on him. I jus sat back and lit a newport.

    It was all in fun and games.

    Then we jus kicked in the street for a hour or so bullshitin, Drankin n smokin. Plottin on a robbery.

    Well next night, Which was last night, I got a call from kandi sayin she got like 10 calls from different people sayin they comin after me because i hit ray, Which ray supposivley said. Heh.

    Now me n ray go back, I brought him into this game. I introduced him to this shit, I taught him the ropes.

    So i let it go last night, This morning i call him and his phones off.

    Went up on myspace and left him a nice message.

    Told him what i heard, Then was like \'you know if i hit you, you woulda hit the ground fool. You better straighten this shit out ***** before i do.\'

    I know he read it. So i called him again.

    Phones off.

    I left him a nice message, Like \'bra, you know me, you want beef ill give ya beef *****, put me down for murder in first degree, my clip is full, but thatll change, heard you had a vest on, But i want brains.

    \'You fix this shit ***** before something pops off, Because you and I know shit didnt go down like you said\'.

    And hung up.

    ***** stupid.

    ***** want to die.
  2. [​IMG]

    I like beef, its tasty
  3. If your serious..... U sound like a fuckin muggy cunt!

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]This was the only post that I needed to see.
  4. if peoples comin after you you gotta do what ya need to do. no fuckin round if people tryin to get you. defend yourself, but if nobody comes dont go to him and do sumtin that could get u fucked. be careful
  5. fucc that if he keeps talkin shit its ur right to beat the crap out of him anyway u need to
  6. Im givin him his chance, He better get shit straightend out.

    Or ima do it.

    Cuz right now i got people lookin for me, Because of what he said.

    That aient cool.
  7. Yea go fight him.. but y say \"put me down for murder in first degree, my clip is full, but thatll change, heard you had a vest on, But i want brains\" your a mug
  8. whats beef?

    beef is when ya moms aint safe up in the streets

    beef is when ya roll no less than 30 deep.

    Jus be safe and handle ya business. If he wants it you gotta bring it to him.

    Thats fucked up though how you were his boy and all and now he wants problems.
  9. What the fuck is a mug?

    We dont fight. \'In detroit *****s dont play, Pull the .44 okay.\'

    Exactly Zero, I brought this fool into the game, Brought him into the gang. Now he wanna play with the boss. Ill show a fool whos boss.

    Hes got people from his crew lookin for me, To put a bullet in me, Heh.

    Let em try.

    Ive made it this long.

    Thas why im sayin, Im givin him the chance to take back what he said and pull these fools up out from lookin for me, But if he dont somethings bound to happen, Whether i find them or they find me.
  10. lol 20% of ALL of your posts are spent calling KSR a mug... we get the point u dont like ksr thats awesome now shut up lol. im sick of seeing the word mug
  11. where i live, mug is used as slang for muther fucker
  12. I know you know how to handle ya beef, but you cant let this fool sleep. Even if he dont want no more beef you gotta give it to him b/c he started shit.

    Finish it and it\'ll be done wit. Dont let this dude breath, get on his ass like a fly on shit(bad analogy, i know)
  13. I jus took a shower and killed a 40 in like 10 minutes.

    Now bout to get a couple boys together, And ima go drive by this fools crib.

    See if hes there or any of his peoples there.

    We\'ll see what goes down.

    First things first though need another 40 and some booze before i get there.
  14. I feel like I\'m reading a gangster novel written by a disgruntled 20 year old.
  15. \"I feel like I\'m reading a gangster novel written by a disgruntled 20 year old\" exactly! another 50 cent wanna be! how bout ya stop being lame and get the fuck out of a place where ya have to deal with cunts and guns etc? but no, ya think i know ill try n sound realy cool and post on the net about how ya gunna go n do some shit to basicly prove yaself to a bunch of people who have nothing more than dreams.....

    Im not a racist person but.... typical black behaviour! [COLOR=\"black\"][COLOR=\"Red\"]< < < This type of shit isn\'t welcome here! *RMJL[/COLOR][/COLOR]
  16. ...ksr aint black... and are racist lol. btw u forgot to call him a mug for the 3rd time. dumbass lol
  17. even worse then a muggy wigga!
  18. You\'re an idiot. Where did this idea that in order to be gangster you need to be black?

    What about Al Capone? He wasn\'t black and he started \"gangster\".
  19. he didnt have some lame attitude to go with it, and when he said hes gunna shoot sum1 he did, not jus empty threats to big himself up.
  20. Ok Mr. I have 13 posts so I know everything about the members.

    How the fuck would you know anything about KSR or have any clue that hes making empty threats. Knowing KSR, I doubt its empty threats. I wouldnt be surprised if shit was goin down right now.
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