Bee-ware the Canna-Bees

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  1. Sorry it's not a great photo, my camera sucks for action shots, but here's a little fellow looking for pollen sacs that is just shit out of luck ( I hope ). Look closely, he's toward the center of the photo, making his escape. If I get seeds this year, I'm gonna have to hunt the bastard down!;)

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  2. The bee is so stoned in these photos, he can't even move! I put a magnifying glass on him to make it so you can see the expression of utter bliss, even though he is being poked and prodded in ways that would make most bees attack. He just sat there stoned out of his gourd, and let me photograph him. Then i tried to make him fly off, and I swear he flipped me off! This is one happy bee, and from the photos, you can see why!

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  3. it is possible for a bee to polinate a female but it would have had to find pollen from a male(obveously:D) and unless you have a male(which you should worry about more than the bee) or if the bee found someone elses male it is highly doughtfull.

    P.S. nice lookin plant. have fun smokin it:)
  4. I love seeing insects getting fucked on human recreationals. 3 cheers!

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