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  1. Hello I want to start an indoor stealth grow. The area is very long and fairly tall but pretty narrow. It is 41" x 32" x 8 1/2". I want to have two chambers for veg and flower.

    I can fit two 2ft fluorescent tubes for veg over the plants, or would it be better to fit more but vertically? For the flowering room I was thinking 125w cfls hanging vertically from the cords.
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    Read everything in the Microgrowers forum on GC. This thread should actually be in the microgrowers forums. I would see if you can move it over there. You will get a lot of replies.

    It sounds like to me that you don't have enough room for both chambers. Explain what you are growing in? Is it a cabinet? A trunk?
  3. with that space might wanna build a small hydro or aeroponics system would allow more plants since not much growing medium is needed horizontal is always better since light shines out the sides more and vertical wastes light i build cheap reflectors more intense light
  4. Its an irregular shape its hard to explain. Look at the attachment. The area below the red line is the growing area and the three blocks are visible when my bed is in its normal location.

    There is area behind those two boards and the opening in the middle can be blocked by my bed or i can but a sheet of wood for more protection.

    I plan on lining the inside area with mylar and use pc fans for ventilation.

  5. I'm trying to understand it but it's not happening. Lol. Does your bed move around or fold up?
  6. Beneath the red line my bed covers when its in its normal location. My head are by those three cubbies when I sleep. I would slide my be out when I want to access the grow.

    No it doesn't fold.
  7. i don't want to put you on a downer or upset you but its a bit of a silly place to do a grow and their is a fire risk having it so close to your bed..i would weight until i got a better box or place to grow in bro
  8. I wanted to do a pc case first but I thought I should go bigger. I guess I'll get a pc case
  9. you will be much better off with a pc case than the bed thing you wanted to do brov
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    Idk that, that's true. He could do a CFL grow under the bed with no fire risk if the box is fully closed ( so no bedding could fall on lights) and you have good ventilation...for the plants, not the fire. If theirs more space under the bed go for it. Increase your potential yield. Start with soil fox farms ocean forest blend and fox farms trio of neuts. Then use daylight 100w CFLs 3-4 per pant. Get some ona from amazon for odor.
  11. Under the bed?? How tall is that bed??
  12. No the bed is not connected to the area but its like a cabinet on my bedside.
    EDIT:If you guys still don't understand I'll take pics tomorrow
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    Def take pics.
  14. Pics would help.
  15. im assuming that the drawing was a diagram of your headboard with 8.5" deep cubbies on either side and above the head of your bed? .... why dont you just convert the cubbies to either side of the head of your bed (the taller more narrow ones it looks like) into two individual cabs? you could put doors on them (if they do not already have any), rig up some ventilation and lighting and away you grow? ... or did i miss the point of your drawing entirely?
  16. I moved my bed out of the way but you get the idea. No cloth or bed sheets go down there and I would box it up

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    It's small but bigger then a pc for sure. So if you can box it up and still have fans pushing fresh air in and old air out go for it.
  18. Its pretty tall and wide just narrow. 41" x 32" x 8 1/2"
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    Yeah that's not bad for a micro grow. Do/can you have good air exchange in there?
  20. I can put fans in. How about only two fluorescent tubes and i get a pc case for flowering. Tubes don't put out too much heat right?

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