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  1. i have an empty bedroom to grow in. im at the end of my 1st outdoor grow and i want to start my indoor. i dont want to totally makeover the room like a grow op i just want to grow some weed in there. whats affordableand suitable lighting for about 10 plants to grow in a wide open room with some plants spread around? is it a must to pput white pplastic everywhere and get ventilation fans for sometthing small scale?
  2. Well I say if you dont want to turn the room into a "grow op" just go buy a premade kit off of e-bay or a website. I see 10 site hydroponic kits on there all the time.
  3. I don't know much about growing man but if I was in your situation: In a big room where you don't want to put all the plants in a corner and spread them out around the room. Your not going to get as big a yield.

    If your concerned about that I would just paint the room a nice bright white that looks like a normal room but will reflect a lot of lights.

    Other than that just get like 1 or 2 1kw HPS lights and just give the room a nice bright I'm sure even a little sunlight during the day would help.

    I could see that being really cool and chill just like a nice ussuable room that is pleasently bright and like marijuana plant spread out in it would be awesome.

    Hopefully that helps good luck with the set up hope it turns out great.
  4. Well if you're planning to try and grow pot right next to a bed, the light reflection wont exactly be the best, lol. What I'd do is just strip down the entire room, board up windows if there are any (put curtains over them, then board 'em up so it doesn't look fishy), and paint the entire thing flat white (or line with mylar, but that's gonna be a bitch). Throw a 1,000w HPS in there and you should be off to a good start. You may want more light if it's a big bedroom, but a 1kilowatter should be good for a standard 8x10' room. Be sure to get good ventilation too, maybe just throw an evacuation fan into the heating duct :).
  5. deff. no beds or furniture in the room. my brother finaaly hauled ass to the marinessss! so theres and empty room. im hoping to suspend 2 600w hps lights and put some vent fans here and there. is a glosss white better than a flat white paint or doesn it not matter?
    thanks everyone!!
  6. i believe flat white is more reflective but im not completely sure, theyre probably about the same but you could just ask when your getting the paint cause they know.
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