Bed Bugs

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  1. I am currently at war with these little fuckers.

    I never encountered bed bugs until about 3 months ago. I had know idea what they were or what they looked like until a few weeks ago.

    I have been researching the internet the past few days to aid me in my campaign to destroy every last beg bug in my apartment, and i have learned a LOT.

    Bed bugs feed off the blood of other animals. They are attracted to warm bodies. They usually feed at night, and most active b/w 2-5am. However, they will feed during they day if they need to. They prefer human blood, but again, if need be, they will resort to animals. They feed about once a week if they can, but can go a year without feeding.

    They are hard to kill. They are flat (unless they have a full belly of your blood) and hide in very tiny spaces. They love spots like bed frames, floor/crown molding, and wood.

    I live in a really old apartment building that is primarily wood. This place is infested. The exterminator has been spraying, and i think it helps, but it isnt solving the problem.

    I only recently discovered i was being bit. Apparently bed bugs dont really carry diseases or anything, but people respond to their bites with varying degrees of allergic reaction. My roommates get bumps similar to a mosquito, but they itch more, last longer, and swell up a bit more. I seem to have very little to no reaction, so theoretically i could just ignore it and be fine, but the idea that am feeding a colony of bed bugs doesnt sit well with me.

    I am on a matress on the floor, i had to throw out my bedframe and box spring because of the infestation.

    I should add, i would never have allowed this to happen, but this is my apt at school and i was gone for 3 months over the summer. When i came back, they had established themselves.

    I am high and waiting till daytime to sleep some so that i am less likely to get bit. I will edit this and add more info as i sit here baked waiting to bait in more bugs so i can squash them.

    Oh, yes, i am using myself as bait. I turn off all the lights, chill out for a good 15 minutes, then turn the lights back on and smash all the bugs that come out.
  2. those little fuckers are everywhere lately, pretty nasty, i wouldnt be able to sleep at night knowing they were there lol
  3. double threadd

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