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Becoming the Stoner I Wanted to Be....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MistaBrosky420, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hello GC,

    I've been smoking weed on a regular basis for about 2 years now. In the beginning i was a young and naive pot head. I was reluctant to listen to my superiors and smoked like a dumbass, often times coming home baked as fuck not even considering hiding it from my mom. I was like fuck it I don't give a shit if she knows, because of this decision the first year of my smoking i was constantly in trouble with her and she was very disheartened by me. Her first child had become an idiot stoner over night. I gradually began to realize what was going on around me and the stoned haze that my life was began to clear up. I was for the first time in about a year consciously aware of the effect my smoking was having on the people around me. I made a decision then and there that I wanted to continue smoking but there's no way that I could continue to play the game I was. I had to grow up. And I did. I began to treat my family right by respecting them and not coming home blitzed, eye drops inserted, and spray applied. I also began to revert back to my old pysche. Instead of being a complete burn out my senior year I turned it around and made something of myself while still smoking the herb and doing what I love by putting effort into becoming a working member of society who can have an intelligent conversation with someone sober whwile high and not come off with the "I'm completely fucking Pwned right now" feel. I felt like i had to post this because there's no way for me to explain it to the people around me but it's fucking crazy. I did a full 360o with my life.

    The Brosky:smoke:
  2. i give you respect bro, ive been smokin everyday for over two years, but you seem like you took more responsibility than myself.

    you just gotta make the conscious decision right around the age of 17. i didnt. and years have since passed me,

    i am just a plain out smack dab loser bro. and i probably will always brand myself as this.

    P.S. dont blame your mistakes on the bud either, weed just amplifies your true self

    goodluck man, i wish the best for you.
  3. ive also been smokin since i was 6 years old, started doin it everyday a lil over 2 years ago, so maybe im just a fuckin hippy.

    but, this is my oh say 4th day of my t-break. so wish me luck
  4. Dude i was reading this thinking "what how do they know about me?" because this sounds exactly like me. At age 16 i started to get my shit together. It was kind of weird at first. Rising up away from the immaturity and irresponsibility of my peers and actually being a productive member of society. I dont think i would have straightened my self out if it wasn't for the herb. Makes you think deep man. I am actually happy now. I am going for a weekend camping trip this weekend in the ranges Im looking foward to it.

    But yeah man tell us about your story. Lets hear it man :hello:
  5. Ha, dude if you did a 360 wouldnt you end up in the same direction as before..?


  6. I actually thought about that as i was writing it but i was like well if i did a 180 i would sound like a ritard.
  7. You started doing good senior year... the most bullshit one out of all of them...
    *claps slowly*
  8. Proud of you. Even though the 360 thing was kinda retarded...coulda just said you turned ur life around lul.
  9. Haha ya ya ya i was totally blitzed when i wrote that and was like Yah bro full 360o thats some crazy shit. But ya thanks everybody just wanted everyone to know that you can do what you want without giving up what you want.
  10. serious?

    Lol just leave this thread if you're going to be like that :smoke:

  11. Lol i think he was talking about senior year being bullshit. But i disagree. Id say being a sophmore is about as lame as it gets.
  12. You shouldn't really be congratulated for something you should have already been doing, so I'll congratulate you for the utter realization of your surroundings. After you do one good deed, it's likely you'll do another and eventually your life will become more than you could ever hope for.
  13. would sound correct.
  14. You didn't really do anything terrible to begin with. If your family was disheartened by your smoking weed and you had been staying under their roof, then respectfully I would have hid it or just done it at night or something, or have just moved out. I live with my Father currently and I'm high numerous times throughout the day and I can still carry a normal conversation. He doesn't scan my eyes thoroughly or anything, and I'm not irresponsible or anything beside that so there's no real feelings of wrong doing. I pay for my own weed with my own money, and I don't cling to others to feed my dependance.

    I dunno, I stay sober when I need to, I smoke weed when I chill or am at home with no concerns of going out or doing anything important. No dram.

  15. No ya thats just it. She seemed ok with it so i was like fuck it but i began to see that it was bothering her more than she was letting on so i settled down and got my priorities straight.

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