Becoming an escort?

Discussion in 'General' started by KingMo, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. How many of the MEN here have tried this? I know the market for straight male escorts is small but...

    If anyone has, do you have any tips for a UK based escort?
  2. lol, no I haven't tried this.
  3. What in gods name is a escort? But yourself a couple john deers and a couple bits more of farmin shit and grow yourself some crops! Thats where the REAL men work.
  4. dude he wants to be a man-gina for the cash-money.not grow
  5. A legal whore.

    They used to be on
  6. If you need some banana hammocks just let me know.
  7. i don't know much about being an escort but theres this great documentary that really covers the ins and outs. I think they made two docs actually, one in america, one in europe.

    Duece Bigalow European gigolo, I think its called.
  8. so basically what i'm getting from this is ...your picking up a fat bag in the near future ?

  9. Hahahaha, dude, thats a comedy Hollywood movie, not a documentary.:smoke:
  10. Smoke another bowl
  11. Would be the perfect job for me. But I've never tried it. If you actually accomplish this you will be my role model
  12. One word: size

    I'd lend you mine if I could.

  13. haha this
  14. Come on, man. Seriously?
  15. Since it is against the law to sell sexual acts for money in the Unted Kingdom of Great Britain, put this in pandoras box
  16. I've been an escort many dozens of times over the years. Unfortunately, I've never been paid for it. In fact, just about every single time, it wound up costing me :D

  17. That's not escorting then... that's just called having sex

  18. Not even that good really. It's actually called dating :D
  19. Does anyone know how to make it happen then? I've got no money to buy sum herb man!
  20. Haha. The first grass-whore; the crack-whores better watch out.

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