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Because I've Had Time To Think About It!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, May 11, 2002.


    Everyone together now.



    Does'nt that make your face feel funny? If it does'nt then you're not saying right.

    It WILL make your dog stare at you.

    With a bewildered look on his face.[​IMG]

    But, e'nuff about me!Tell me, what do you think about me? :):D

    I was gonna impart to you some basic truths of the universe, but once again the STML has kicked in and I've forgotten most of them.

    I know.

    Being a self elected Grand Poobah of an exclusive organization such as O.F.F. knowing the basic truths of the universe should be as normal as knockin' your hat in the creek.

    Maybe Grand Poobah's should'nt smoke so much. Or maybe they should'nt smoke so much while borrowing medications from friends. Or maybe they should just give up and go to bed.

    But hey! It's Friday night!


    Check that.

    It's Saturday morning!

    "Well let's boil some chicken and gargle some coffee!"

    I swear to God I just heard that line on an old western that's on the tube, providing the background music for this thread. Can ya hear it?

    Hang on tight! I'm gonna whip a hard left and get back to the main road of this thread.[​IMG]

    (2 hitz and much later)

    Well after a brief sojourn back to the top of this thread, I now have absolutely no idea where I was going when I started

    One thing about not knowing where you're going, you're always surprised when you get there!

    I may have to get that put on a bumper sticker.

    Maybe I was gonna talk about the girls softball? I'm a full fledged assistant coach this year! I got a jersey and everything! It says "Ethel" on the back of it. Money's kinda tight this year.....and I AM just an assistant coach.

    We are 7-2 so far and having a blast!

    I know, I know, you're asking yourself, "Smokin! How can you be a Grand Poohbah, an assistant coach named "Ethel", and quantum physics professor all at the same time?"

    It's easy.

    I take SPEED!

    That's not true.

    (I don't know that much about quantum physics.)[​IMG]

    While we're jumping around on subjects here........

    We've been in a drought for a couple of years around here. It's gotten so bad that they put us on rationing. I have a few theories as to what is causing this prolonged dry spell. Would you like to hear them? I knew you would. You can obviously tell that I'm the only one who gets it. (Pompous? I think so!)

    Theory #1

    There is a multi-national oil corp. that has a research facility near this area. The security around this place was tight even before 9-11. The local fire dept. is'nt even allowed on the premises, they have their own!

    Back in the mid 80's this facility got rocked by a tornado and several BIG storms. In response to this I believe the facility has developed some kind of storm repelling machine.

    Paranoid, you ask?

    Let me continue.

    The harbringer of spring and fall in this part of the world is when cold air off the Rockies slams into warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. The result is squall lines, a rolling line of storms, that approach here from the northwest. These are the rains that sustain us thru our HOT summers and cold dry winters.

    Anybody who's spent any time around TLC or the Discovery channel knows this shit! So I'll quit it now.

    But for the last 3 years I've watched these storms come rolling outta Kansas, right at us, only to split and go around us and reform to the south! It's been unreal!

    But why would they leave this machine on so long and put us in this dire water situation?

    I don't know about you but I get the picture in my mind of a engineer on the phone saying;

    So they just took it out back and buried it and hoped nobody would notice until some other company bought them out.


    I'm starting to feel a little like Karen Silkwood here!
    (If ya don't know who she is, YOU GOT A 'PUTER! LOOK IT UP!)

    Theory #2

    If you do watch TLC or other "real" channels, you've probably seen the big tornado that hit the Okla. City area a few years back. Some awesome footage of that one! Makes you realize what a small, insignificent piece of stuff you are in the face of Mother Nature.

    The state's response to that has been about a bazillion dollars worth of radar equipment, everywhere! They've got truck based units that chase these storms.( New definition of "THE SHITS"; When a storm is coming and all the NOAA chase vehicles are parked just down the road.)

    I think these storms are being bombarded with radar! I think it's sapping the enormous energy needed to sustain a t-storm!

    When this stuff starts showing up on CNN, just remember you heard it here first!

    I commented to the wifey last week that I would'nt mind getting blown around a little bit if it would just rain with it.

    Once again the powers that be reminded me to be careful what you wish for.

    Early Monday A.M. we had some 90 mph winds come blasting thru here! You guessed it. Not hardly a drop of rain with it! I'd spent 8 hours the previous Saturday working in the yard and had it looking nice. When I left for work Monday morning it looked like Bagdahd during the oil war!

    So Monday night I spent my evening looking under all the trees down in the yard to see if any livestock had flown in.

    Tuesday the rains finally came and now the resevoir is 3 ft. over flood stage. The batteries must've finally run down on that machine.

    I don't know if I got where I was going, but I've typed myself stupid!

    I think I'll go ahead and set the alarm in the morning just so I can yell at it and kill it and go back to sleep.

    So g'night Blades!

    Y'all have a good weekend!
  2. DUDE-you are NOT going to believe this!!!!!

    The ol' man was commenting on a very similar thing just recently!!!

    While ridin' the storms out down here, we were watching the weather reports and the radar showed how the last couple storms have basically split, going north and south of us!!!!!

    I thought it was just because of my telepathic powers...

    We don't have any big companies or anything special at all!

    A storm repelling machine, huh?

    Maybe you better send me a sample of the bud yer smokin' so I can analyze it!!!
  3. PooooooooohBaaaaaaaaaa! ROTFLMFAO!!!!

    As for your weather theory, remember the words of the great Wiz of Oz........"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtin!" LOL :hippie:

    p.s. I believe I would also like to sample the Herb ya been token!!!!! LOL :smoking:
  4. Yeah my cat looked at me pretty funny and jetted the hell outta the room when I exclaimed POOOBAAAAAAAAHHHH out loud to him lol

    Storm-splittin machines? Maybe it's some vortex that's been sending all the storms our way, we haven't had this much rain in California in awhile! Finally, MAY and the rain has stopped! We usually stop getting larger storms earlier in the year.

    Sending some more rain your way smokinokie, maybe the strong forces of GOOD KARMA I am sending with it will keep the storm from splitting!! WE MUST BEAT THE MACHINE!! lol or maybe it's already happening, did the battery run out or what?

    And no, you don't have to do speed to do all those things @ once, you just have to be a little crafty with how you set up your schedule: quantum physics prof by day, assistant coach by evening, grand poobah by night. STEALTHMASTER-STYLE.

  5. Smokinokie! Or should I call you Ethel. Haha Just kidding!!! You kick ass. That's the kind of post that I like to read. Plus, it shows you have good weed and we all love good weed.

    The weather thing is right on even though I never looked at it that way. Very interesting mind you have there! I will send our rain your way!!!

    Oh, and to feel like Karen Silkwood is scary, so don't do that anymore!!!!!

    Hey, cowboysaxman! The " behind the curtain" is so intriguing. Kind of like Super J, you know. I have to pay a little attention.
  6. I think i got stupider from reading that post

  7. Pooooooooooobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

    Smokie you may be closer than you think on the storm machine. Down here we have some severe T storms. While most hit us some go both ways around us. I have often wondered about a sientific explaination.

    Doing all that you do! I say you just take care of buissness like alot of us O.F.F.s!

    Have a great day all!!!!
  8. I'd say that weed and muscle relaxers is a hell of a buzz, but man do they hang you over! Slept most of the next day away. But it was cool and rainy so I could'nt think of a better way to spend it!

    Stony! You seemed to have married a man with a great mind! I guess I'm not the only one who really gets it!

    Cowboy! I've never been one to ignore the man behind the curtain. Me and Toto both just have to look and see what the hell is really going on!

    Ganjaphish! Thanks for de Karma but you're over doing it just a little! We've had all water restrictions removed! It took 2 weeks of storms to go from empty to 4 ft. over flood stage! But now I gotta spend all my free time ridin the mower. Always remember that karma is a powerful thing!

    RMJL! Once again, thank you for the rain, but E'NUFF! Glad you enjoyed my stoned, medicated, ramblings. I had fun, but did'nt remember I had wrote all this til' today!

    Keepsmokin! Happy to help!:)

    Budhead! Of course I'm right about the storm machine! As soon as I broke this story to the media, (if this here city can be considered the media,) it started raining here! I'll bet they dug it up and disabled since I was on to their little plan!

    Critter! Luckily I can translate Critter-on-port-ese. I fully understood your post! Go kindly also my friend!

    Your Grand Poobah,

  9. Man, you guys are the best!!! I wonder smokie if you can understand me when I'm blazed and had a few myself? LOL...I don't even understand me then!

    Smokie, I'm saying it now....PoooooooooooooooohBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just freaked the shit out of my cat that was chasing my cursor all over my 'puter screen. [​IMG]

  10. Damn its good to smokie back to his old ntural self-again.!!!
  11. I second that!!!,,,

    Rain, rain, and more freakin rain...that's what I am dealing with,,,,anybody need

    And what the hell happened to that 70 degree weather?
    I had to turn my heater back on today!!
  13. I got some today, damn glad to have it. first precip in 4 weeks.

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