beautiful rainy, sunshiney day :)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ganjaphish, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. today was an awesome day, i just have to share.
    phishhead and i hopped into the car and drove up thru the east bay, past all the industrial gunk murkiness and congestion of the bay area, and were driving into san rafael/marin area... the sun is shining brightly, the mountains are this bright green (we've had quite a bit of rain lately) that just soothes and yet invigorates you with its serene vividness... we are on the freeway, and are driving up this lil hill in the road... and as we reach the top of it, i feel like i'm dorothy, skipping into that emerald world where the whole valley opens up, and you see these majestic hills surrounding you, wrapping all around you as if to keep you tucked in and all cozy, and to keep all the ugliness of the industrial world out... i was in awe for that one instant, and it made my day... probably made my whole week :)

    so on our crusade i am the lucky one who gets to be the passenger, taking it all in.. we drive past the more populated areas where the freeway ends and crosstraffic consists of tractors & muddy trucks, and cows riddle the hills nonchalontly chompin on that green grass... and it starts to sprinkle, then rain, and yet ahead are blue skies and small white fluffy clouds...
    what a contrast and what a beautiful area! i went to college in the area for a couple years, and going back just makes me realize why so many laid-back people end up north of the bay area! it is beautiful, the people even seem affected by their surroundings. maybe i was just having a good day, but it seemed that today for me, all was right in the world and even THEN some, maybe I got too much happiness thrown my way today and I'm just oozing of cheese into this forum but oh well :)

    If you ever visit San Francisco please take a day to point your rental car northbound 101 and drive for 20-30 miles, you'll be in for a treat :) the farther north you can manage the more amazing it can get !!
  2. I had a "great" yesterday. I had to go to my secretary'r daughters wedding. My boos was there, and his as well, plus all the weird from work that I have to put up with all week long. All of them were there on my Saturday. Me and the Mrs were slighlty "tipsey" before we got there. She got a shoe stuck on the steps and I tripped coming down the aisle. Then we sat there biting our lips holding the giggles back.

    But other than seeing the work peopel it was a good saturday. I ran into a guy that used to work for me a few years ago and he thinks I'm having a mid-life crisis because I've lost about 25 pounds and have grown my hair out. Wonder what he would think about my smoking habit?
  3. time you go cruisin' try to make enough time to venture further north, There is some AMAZING country up there!! I used to live close to Mt. Lassen and Mt.Shasta....freakin' AWSOME country!! BPP, your ex-employee would probably just be JEALOUS!!

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