Beautiful bubbah kush clones!!!

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  1. so today i rolled by my local dispensary to swoop up some kush to smoke and a few more sweet tooth clones because i got some on the 7th and their doing quite well.
    So i walk in and i see this tupperware with massive foot to foot 1/2 plants.
    i ask the bud tender if their for sale and he tells me they are, for 15 dollars a pop. he said they are bubbah kush clones that have been vegetating for 1 month and are ready to flower.
    So i picked one up for now, but when my check comes in im gonna go get a few more.
    check it out

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  2. that excites me. im growing bubblegum kush right now. good luck!
  3. Nice man, they look like they're nice and healthy. Should grow some dense buds

    Happy tokin

  4. Thanks Bro's.
    Im way excited especially since all these plants are my first grow.
    i just picked up 2 more bubbahs yesterday.
    Do you think these will be ready around sept?

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  5. most likley before then
  6. hell yeah thatd be awesome.
    for now all i can do is take good care of my babys.
    i just started the nutrients today, so hopefully my first grow comes out decent. :D
  7. October more the like.
  8. awesome, that would be perfect.
    My sweet tooths will probably be ready by sept than.
    cant wait :hello:
  9. Healthy, happy plants. Good job bro!

  10. Thanks my dude, greatly appreciated :)
  11. so the 3 bubbahs are looking good.
    i got a pic of all the babies tannin together.
    the 2 in the blue cups are the pre-98 bubbah seeds i sprouted a few days ago.
    did very minor trimming on the bubbahs.

    other than that everythings looking good =)

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  12. Update:
    So the bubbahs, are looking good.
    you can see for yourself =)

    everythings been going really smooth, and there growing beautifully.

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    these bubbahs are reallly looking good.

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  14. Update =)

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    Update of the babes:
    The bubbahs are reallllly looking beautiful.
    Im gonna be switching them all to 5 gals within this next week.
    but man oh man, i just can not wait until harvest date.

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  16. Get them in a bigger pot, to let the roots grow to their potential... but their looking nice!
  17. yeah im going to be putting them in 5 gal containers this week.
    I just had to get some money saved up. i believe itl take around 4 bags of fox farm ocean forest for the transplant. because ive got 4 sweet tooths and 3 bubbahs.
  18. On monday i'm going to swoop by my local hydro spot and get everything ready to transplant.
    here are some clear shots for now =)

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  19. looking good, you can pick up some home depot 5 gallon buckets for about $3 a piece.
  20. lookin nice man!!

    just picked up an OC bubba kush clone, as well as a cherry ak-47 clone. i was bummed when i went though cause they were sold out of the pre-veg clones though.

    hopefully we will get some colder weather in the next months to get that bubba turning purple during flowering:D. it wont make it any more potent, but it sure looks more pretty :)

    send me a pm if u could of the club u go to for the clones, those are lookin nice man

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