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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Luv Tha Nug 420, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. i am not soo educated in the the art if smoking beasters... last night i was out and picked up a quarter, i couldnt really see the nugg its self when i bought it just smell... i could def see it but not deatils like hiar and shit... when i got home these beasters looked a lot like mids with seeds? do beaster have seeds??? could some one plzzz post a pic of quailty beaster for refence...:smoking: happy blazing
  2. Beasters don't have seeds, usually beasters is just wet dank. And by wet I mean it was rushed to the market after it came off the plant so it didn't cure properly. I've never seen beasters with seeds. How bout you post a pic of the bud you have for us to see?
  3. looks like mids to me... think im gunna confront my dealer

  4. yea man i hate to say it but those do not look like beasters. beasters are really just a low grade dank that hasnt been cured right. the ones i got the one time i picked them up were lighter green and harldy had a smell to them. they are def better than mids but for double the price id rather smoke mids anyway and treat myself to some dank nugs every now and then. btw heres a post of a beasters pick up:
  5. thanks for the link
  6. beasters . . . .

    i HATE that word

    so annoying

    anyway it could have been good quality but some pollen got on the bud while it was growing

    smoke and see
  7. jus lit up... i hit in my bowl like chullum and first bowl dint feel much second kinda droopy third feeling like low heads... and my chullum pack isnt very big either. these nugz at to bad... oh those bowls were all tho the dome by my self soo u draw yur own conclustions
  8. nice english bro.
  9. Well it could be beasters that were grown and not seperated from the males, but I think it looks like mids.
  10. haha dude be nice... i have dislectia. and shit is not easy
  11. ah well my bad, i was just messin around though.
  12. its chill mah man
  13. I bet you feel like an asshole lol.

    Just smoke up OP!

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