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Beasters pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tyriin, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I picked this up from my guy. He wanted $130 for a half, tried to talk him down but he wasn't budging so I said Fuck it and told him I'd buy a half. I guess he picked up a half from his guy and smoked some so he only had 11g left and wanted 110 for it. I only had 100 on me and wasn't gonna go to the bank so I got like 10.33 for 100.

    Overall not too bad of a smoke, was better than the last stuff I got from this guy. This is my first pickup larger than an 8th, and I Def see what people are talking about when they say that when you have a lot of weed you smoke more haha. Usually I'd only smoke a bong bowl or a joint when I smoke but I've been smoking like 2 or more bowls a night sometimes.

    Not much of a taste, but smells potent. From what it looks like and how it smells I think it's beasters (the m39 strain or whatever it is).

    Last night I cashed a whole bowl in 2 hits (mostly 1 hit) so that was fun lol.

    Let me know whatchu guys have been smokin on, this will probably last me a month or more haha.

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  2. wow some nice beasters here :p
  3. Who even refers to weed as beasters :lmafoe:
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  4. Because man you can tell from the quality and smell that its probably Canadian beasters.
  5. where do you live? i pay 80-100 a half 150-175 a oz in Texas for some fire, it looks alright, I'm from Pittsburgh originally and we call it beasters if its less then loud but better the mids or reggie
  6. Ohio. quality and price really depends on who you know here but tends to be on the above average side a little

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