Bear Grylls?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeytheburr, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I was watching man vs. wild and i wanted to share my appreciation for him with GC.
    If you dont know who he is i suggest using DVR or Tivo to record Man vs. Wild on Discovery and watch it while high it will blow your fucking mind. He has a british accent and its hilarious.


    Bad ass dude. <--- his site
  2. he is badass, but if i don't tell you this someone else is going know he stays in hotels and eats regular meals off camera right? thats why in the newer episodes they tell you some things were supplied to him to keep him "safe"

    he's still pretty badass tho i agree. i like his accent. he makes english people cool.
  3. Yea i know all about that.
    But let me ask you one good question.
    Where the hell are you going to find a hotel in siberia... NOWHERE and its stupid to waste that amount of fuel to go to and fro to the nearest civilization.
    who cares if hes chillaxing drinking a beer one night... the next day hes eating a dead sheeps liver straight out of the scottish bog.
    (i know my stuff XD)
  4. I love how cool and collective he is no matter how much shit sucks.
  5. I was taking a look at his site and get this... guy has a fear of heights.... THINK ABOUT WHAT HE DOES.... thats insane.
    Definition of badass

  6. well the crew probably brings tents, water ect...

    but your right...he did drink water he squeezed out of a dead camels half digested food, and then slept in that same camel....and he's damn good at climbing shit haha
  7. HA. this guy is a girly-man compared to Les Stroud. The "Survivorman" guy. Are you kidding me... that dude does it alone for 1 week in random ass wilderness spots. Hes so much more hardcore he doesn't bring shit but a multi-tool and some random ass equipment from a hot air baloon torch to a plane wreck to a boat... its nuts.

    No camera crew and "items for safety" He does it legit. It's a sick show
  8. I was watching the ecuador episode, i think i prefer him to survivorman, or what ever the other show is.
  9. See i agree with survivor mans badassery (just made that word up)
    but i think MvW is so much more informational and because of the crew there is alot better production quality.
    But the thing is he might get help on the show but he still did crap like that before the show.
    Personally even with a tent and stuff places like that would be hell!
  10. survivorman > man vs. wild
  11. Man vs wild > survivor man.

    Survivor man has bad camera shots. Although I do enjoy seeing him hurt himself with stupidity sometimes.
  12. I used to be a fan of Bear Grylls until I found out about the bearsuit incident. And then I found about all the other fakery he's pulled. Here's a quick list:

    Fake lava & smoke machine used to simulate dangerous lava flow

    Acting as if a dead snake were alive and as if he were in danger while holding it
    (This one I took personal, as I keep and breed snakes and it was obvious)

    Some episodes you can see trail markers and tourist info plaques therefor disproving his impression that he's in remote and private areas

    FULL camera crew, stunt team, safety crew and the like

    There's more, I'm just done typing about it.

    Anyway, Les Stroud (Survivorman) is a fucking hero. I've read a few articles about him where he's tried things he's heard over the internet or whatnot and sometimes they've worked and sometimes they haven't. And the guy packs like 4 cameras around wherever he goes.
    He's the real deal when it comes to surviving alone for a week.

    I guess if you like crazy bouncing cameras and the illusion that things are SO EXTREME!!! OMG!!111!!! then Bear Grylls is ok.

    I'm a jerk and I nitpick things like this apart, I guess that's why I'm more of a fan of Survivorman.
  13. Really the point of the show is to inform so who cares if its fake.
    The illusion of danger is what attracts people into the show and keeps them hooked.
    and while the viewers are vunerable they hit their brain with some knowledge XD
  14. Survivorman is better. Bear cheats with his " crew " always with him. Survivorman, he don't eat for days, and there is ONLY, him out there, alone.

    Just my 2 cents
  15. Bear Grylls is fake as shit. You can find all kinds of videos on YouTube showing that half the crap he does isn't as hardcore as he like to pretend it is, like when he supposedly floated down white water rapids or something without a life jacket, but the fucker had one on underneath his sweater. And then there was that one where he was supposed to be in the middle of a wasteland ten miles from nowhere, but some random guy went out there with a camera and showed that there was a highway like 100 metres to the side of Bear's camera shots. In fact, someone posted a lot of these videos on GC about a year ago.
  16. I enjoy survivorman much much more than man vs. wild. While both shows are informative and fun to watch, I find the fakeness of man vs. wild to constantly annoy me.
  17. I don't care what anyone says, even if he stays in hotels, he does stuff that almost everyone else in the world would do without thinking twice. Survivorman doesn't need crew with him because he doesn't usually do things that are as extreme as bear (ex, jump into a frozen lake), and Les Stroud has a sattelite phone and there is a camp nearby just in case.

    I do love both Survivorman and Man vs. Wild, but Bear Grylls is just awesome.
  18. He got injured recently, not while filming Man Vs. Wild, I believe in the Antarctic.
  19. i watch both of them,,,,

    allthough i find bear vs. wild,,,,to hold my attention better,,,

    ..i dig the shit out of both of them shows,,,,

    it's educational as hell....if you find yourself trapped in the amazon?:cool::p
  20. If I was living out in the wild like he does, I would stay in a hotel every fuckin chance I had. Bear knows his facts, he knows his shit, and he does have some serious survival skills. The show is awesome, especially when high, and he is way more of a survivalist and general BA compared to Les Stroud. Les tends to always have supplies with him. During one episode, his pickup "broke down" in the desert or something, and he had a bag of fuckin groceries in the bed.

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