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Bean Bag Chair

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deriv, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I was wondering what would be the best quality bean bag chair for the money. I went to walmart but they are like $160 and I thought they were cheaper. Anyone know where to get a good one for cheap?
  2. I dunno bout cheap, but......lovesac. :smoke:
  3. Love sac is way more than walmart :eek: Any other suggestions for a bean bag that isn't so expensive?
  4. A bean bag chair is seriously 160 bones at walmart!:eek:
    WTF has this world come too:confused:
    Otherwise go to some garage sales if you don't mind getting used. Im sure you could get one for under 5 there.
  5. /bump No suggestions? I just want to be extremely comfortable for the least amount of money possible! :smoking:
  6. I love how this is in the apprentice forums :p. Oh well. Try checking good will stores or big lots.
  7. I checked but they have the vinyl covered ones that get ripped way to easy. :eek: I figured a bunch of stoners knew how to relax? Or is it normal to have to pay atleast $160 for a quality bean bag chair.:confused_2:
  8. The 70's called, they want their furniture back.
  9. Weed gives you the hippie insight. After using my vape I just knew I was going to buy a bean bag chair. Seems like the most comfortable thing possible, the hippies were really onto something.:hippie:
  10. My almost 40 year old frame couldn't deal with a bean-bag chair's furniture for the young.

    And I'm just teasing anyway, they are awesome when you can enjoy them.

    I recall seeing them last during back to school sales
  11. They're $30 on Amazon

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