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    Hey GC, I haven't posted here for a while now, and i thought about sharing something that happened to me yesterday.

    I couldn't find anybody to hang out with earlier, so i rang up my bro i haven't called to in a while. He was with his main dudes, so we met up near my place. Later the other guys went off to some house party, so me and my bro called to our old friend from childhood, because he lives in the same area as we do. Lets call him Fourty Oz.

    So we went to pick up Fourty's gf's friend from the beach party. Shit came down when we saw two guys throwing a football. We went there and chilled with them for a while, while Fourty, his gf and her friend went somewhere else.

    After throwing the ball for about 20min, we started discussing just random things. Small talk.

    Suddenly one of the guys we met passes us a huge jay, and we pass it around in a circle. After we are done i can feel the jay hitting me properly.

    That's when the cops came. Fortunately they just talked with us for a while and then left. I was paranoid as fuck. I was shaking and sweating, i was positive the cops noticed something. It was just too intense that i couldn't handle the situation very well.

    When we started leaving from the beach, there was a brawl going on, and Fourty talked some smack to some guy so he started to follow us. Luckily he went away later, because i was in no state to fight. Neither was i willing to. Besides the guy looked quite buffed up.

    Dumbass Fourty.

    tl;dr Thought my day would suck but ended up awesome.
  2. I've had it where my teeth start chattering and shit but yea its like an adrenaline rush plus you're baked as fuck and you just shake you're so high.
  3. [ame=]Mellowhype "Hell" (Feat. Frank Ocean) - YouTube[/ame]

    also dopeass song

  4. True. Craziest feeling ever
  5. Is that your idea of a party :confused:

  6. Nah i just left out some details. There was a big stage with a dj and maybe a thousand people.
  7. didn't get laid...not worthy of being an awesome day at the beach!
  8. Forty not fourty

  9. Sorry. My maiden language is not English.
  10. Don't worry about it, lots of people get it wrong even when English is their first language.
  11. any cop that walks up to me in the park after I hit a blunt and I got a football I'mma tell him to go long cuz it would be bad ass to say u played some football with a cop man while you were high as shit... as long as they aren't dicks just stay cool and calm and be polite and show respect cuz thats all they want is respect then try to make them apart of ur group of chillin.. SOME cops are laid back and I bet they would have played with u
  12. yeah, i remember my first beer

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