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  1. why did everyone on here start smoking? was it because you were just curious? were you stressed and you needed the relief? or did you try it because you thought you looked *cool*??

    god's honest truth i started because life was really sucky for me at the time and i was runnin out of options

    so come on guys be honest...its just an online forum ;)
  2. I was always kinda curious at first. My dad, uncle and aunt would kinda gather at my house once a month or so. They would just light one up and pass it around like it was nothing. Then I found out my best friend/cousin smoked and I wanted to do it because of the way he described it. Then the next weekend after we talked about it he came over with a doob rolled up and we smoked. Didn't really get high just kinda coughed alot. The third time I did it was with my oldest cousin he had better stuff and I got ripped. Was so high got pale and felt sick twenty minutes after smoking but after calming down and relaxing felt great. Been doing it ever since.

    My friend tried it a few times, and then his dad gave him 2 pipes. To this day i have them pipes still.

    I wanted to try it, i mean its not like i was doin coke or CRACK. (something ill neva do)
    ITS FUNNY cuz when i smoked the 1st time i didnt get high. I was scared to smoke it, i had the LEGO BLUNT (1st time rollin came out all jacked up), we started smokin, and then it was my turn 2 hit it, i had the blunt 2 inches from my mouth and INHALED, i was like AHHHH ya im high.... and that was the funniest moment smokin. So in general i smoked to try it, curious u can say!
  4. yea well i hear ppl on this forum complain about how many ppl start smoking to look cool but i can almost guarantee a good majority here also started [even at least partly] for this same reason
  5. I was always interested in it, but while living at home in high school was always afraid my parents would find out, so I waiting until college to give it a try.

    I found some of the chillest people I have ever met in my life by trying it, people with the same interests and who didn't suck at life.

    I ended up smoking just on weekends and then went to an everyday thing. I remember getting so high I could barely open my eyes I was so high. Greatest time in my life ever being sooooo blazed.

    Eventually I took a long hard look at what I was doing and at the point in my life I was going through the suicide of a close friend and sort of used that as my way of living life to the fullest and figured life is short, do what you want and make yourself happy. I continue to smoke simply because I know it is better than alcohol and no worse, so why not stay away from the socially acceptable drugs and just use something that I know makes me feel good and won't kill me.
  6. Wanted to know why people would want to do it. So, curiosity really.

    Needless to say, I found out.
  7. i just wanted to try it, simple as that.
  8. In 8th grade I was talking to my current gf and she was talking about doing it.... I said that I would end up trying it sooner or later. At the end of my freshmen year my best friend came out and told me he had done it before. He asked if I wanted to and I said sure out of curiosity. I don't regret it.
  9. i decided to smoke because i thought it was time for a change in my life, i had just gotten out of a horrible relationship. one day this guy, Bliz-Nati, came around and one night handed me the bong and i took the biggest rip possible coughed my ass off went to bed and woke up and smoked a blunt with bliz-nati and i was hooked! ive been smoking from that day on.
  10. Peer Presure...

    I regret nothing though!

    Not 100% accurate, I regret the age at which I discovered Mary Jane (would have done much better in school w/o her), but I don't regret for a second the fact that I started smoking marijuana.

    Cigarettes? 100% most definitely regret that (started both on the same day ;))
  11. pretty much, id been against it, and my friend had some hash hed been talking up. so at a party, id been smoking a cigarette or something and he passes me the jay and im like fuck it, and smoked it. i think i got high, but i was pretty drunk too. i was maybe 13 or 14 at the time.
  12. i started becausse mostly i was curious and sometimes i jusst needed to chill and forget somethings ya know. then i fell in love...
    i just recently started too. like the middle of the summer really.
  13. I remember that night so vividly... you ripped that bong so hard. do you remember what we smoked the next day? mowie wowie. that was fucking sweet.

    I started smoking cuz i found moms stash...
  14. I got to talking to my future roomate at college and he was asking me if I smoked weed n I told him I hadn't. But leading up to that (for around a year or so) I had always been curious about it and I didnt really want to go to college without having smoked. It so happened that a buddy of mine I had known since kindergarden wanted me to smoke with him and after talking a bit with my future roomate and the previous curiousity, I decided to go for it and I have loved it ever since :)
  15. bliz i dont remember alot cuz of that night but i remember the mowie wowie made me cough so bad but it was soooo good ;):smoking:
  16. curiosity for me. after I did a bit of research, i found out that it wasn't harmfull at all. so, hell, i wanted to see what it did. loved it, been toking every since ;)
  17. I had been going to parties and my friends would give me Ex. Nothing would ever happen and it never hit me. So I said 'fuck it' so I decided to try something less dangerous but supposedly more fun.

    I'd say all in all boredom and curiosity got to me.
  18. Curiosity... my best friend and I both started becoming interested in weed at around the same time. We both did research on the drug and learned that it was harmless. The first few times I smoked I got kind of a slightly negative buzz... nothing more. I knew all the fuss had to be about something more than a slightly negative buzz, and my first time smoking out of a bong, I got extremely high.
  19. I was major depressed over being dumped. Couldn't get the trick outta my head (didn't help that it was the summer break before i went to college, we were supposed to go there together, and all my friends had girls) so after a few weeks I just got tired of it. I decided I HAD to get it out of my mind, any temporary relief would do.
    My lifelong friend is a pot fiend. I called him and told him I wanted to smoke. He actually thought I was lying at first, it took some convincing.

    Rest is history.
  20. Peer Pressure and Curiosty...

    First time I smoked was in 7th grade, and I was over at a good friend's house for the night to go early morning snowboarding. He had a 10$ sac and really wanted to smoke it with me, so I gave into the "pressure" and did it, thinking I would be addicted to it, and I would start doing heroin and shit cause it was a gateway drug (this was the pre-enlightment part of my life)

    Got high, laughed, had a great time...

    Didn't smoke for 2 years after that, mainly because I still thought it was bad. Bunch of my friends started to smoke, and come out just fine, so I did alot of research and found out about how our government has lied to us since the 1930s, and all the benifits from smoking.

    After all that, I went out and bought myself a dub sac and had a grand ole' time with friends. After that, it was all uphill to cloud-9!:hello:

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